Jame’s Computer Crashes In Crucial Round; Results In Elimination

Virtus.pro and G2 played an elimination match in the 2-2 pool of the PGL Copenhagen Major. The winner of... Owen | 24. March 2024

Virtus.pro and G2 played an elimination match in the 2-2 pool of the PGL Copenhagen Major. The winner of the match would qualify for the Playoffs, and the loser would be sent home. At 11-11 on Inferno, Jame’s computer crashed and lost Virtus.pro the round, and the series shortly after.

The Russian squad took the first map, Overpass, in the series against G2 after a tight 16-14 score. This victory put Virtus.pro 1-0 up in the Best of 3 series, only one map away from making it to the top eight. Qualifying for the Playoffs would mean a lot for Virtus.pro, as they missed the Paris Major entirely despite being the winners of the previous Major in Rio, Brazil. 

The second map on the list was Inferno, G2’s map pick. The Balkan boys took the first three rounds of the map, but VP quickly answered back with seven consecutive rounds. Still, G2 salvaged the half to set a 5-7 in favor of their opposition.

In the second half, G2 tidied things up in their CT half, winning four in a row to take a 9-7 lead. However, VP showed they were ready for the major, striking back and putting the score at 11-10. Still, the two teams could not be separated, as NiKo and company could tie the score 11-11.

Round 23 was a crucial round, as G2 barely had any finances in their bank account. Virtus.pro stormed the B bomb site. After a trade of kills, the round found itself in a four versus four situation, where Virtus.pro had planted the bomb and taken complete control of the bomb site. 

A post-game interview revealed that G2’s in-game leader, HooXi, told the team to save their guns unless they got a quick kill. For some reason, Jame walked out in the open and gave G2 a free kill and an opportunity to win the retake, which they eventually did. 

It turned out that Jame, who had an AWP on backsite, had his computer crash in such a crucial situation. As a result, Virtus.pro lost the round, giving G2 the lead 12-11, and proceeded to lose the next round, allowing G2 to tie the series 1-1. 

In the middle of the final map, PGL released a statement that they would investigate the situation, but nothing came of it, and the round would not be replayed. 

On the decider, G2 blew Virtus.pro out on Anubis after a quick 13-6 win, eliminating Virtus.pro from the tournament. 

From 1-0 up in the series and a favorable situation on the conclusion of the second map, Virtus.pro suddenly found themselves booking their flights back home. Most analysts and fans can agree that Virtus.pro had that specific round in the bag if Jame did not crash.

Despite being “robbed” of a map win and Major Playoff qualification, Jame did not complain or say anything in the chat and continued to play the series. Most players would have reacted differently to such a situation. The community is praising Jame for his professionalism and class act. 

On Virtus.pro’s official Twitter account, Jame shared his post-game thoughts:

“The tournament is over for us, and we need to look ahead. Many wonder what happened with the crash and so on. Many are tilted because of this. Right now, after the loss, I feel empty, no emotions. But in my head, I understand that it’s not worth paying attention to because the level of play we showed on Anubis, where there were no bugs, doesn’t correspond to the team that should be making it to the Playoffs.

In my opinion, if we were closing games in overtimes and so on, and in the end, we simply, not without chances, but significantly got outplayed on another map in the third, it’s reasonable. Yes, we could have made it, but it’s a part of life. We need to move forward. New tournaments are ahead. Thank you all for the support.”

Many hate messages were sent the way of G2, but the players could have done nothing about it. NiKo took to Twitter to send his regards to Virtus.pro but ultimately blamed Valve for having so many issues and bugs at the Major.

Overall, the professionalism of the players from both sides is being shown, and all are reacting well to such an unfortunate situation. Fans leave their hearts out for Virtus.pro for a heartbreaking and “unfair” exit from the Major. 

Header: Virtus.pro