DRX Promotes Their Team Capsule At DRX Seoul Tower

South Korean esports organization DRX is taking its marketing to the next level by advertising its Valorant team bundle... Owen | 26. April 2024

South Korean esports organization DRX is taking its marketing to the next level by advertising its Valorant team bundle in real life. They have placed a billboard next to the streets of the country’s capital city, Seoul. 

About Team Capsules

Franchised Valorant organizations have different methods of promoting their team’s Valorant team capsules. The players on the Sentinels roster are actively telling fans to buy the bundles, constantly tweeting about it, and bringing banners on stage. Others are barely promoting the bundle but still raking in sales, such as Paper Rex.  

Revenue from the team bundle sales is directly shared with the teams, giving the organizations extra income streams. However, it is rumored that teams must meet a minimum sales quota.

DRX is one of the top-selling teams in the Pacific region, so they aren’t placed in a cutthroat position to secure purchases. However, they are looking to go all out on collecting extra buyers for their team capsule.

DRX’s Marketing Strategy

DRX has placed a large banner on the DRX Seoul Tower, displaying the contents of the VCT x DRX team capsule. The billboard is strategically placed on a busy street for more visibility. 

To improve conversions, DRX has provided fans with a mission that could result in gifts. Here’s everything you need to know about the mission.

Mission title: “Find the VCT x DRX Team Capsule”

To participate, fans must:

  1. Visit the DRX Seoul Tower in Hongdae, a hot place in Seoul.
  2. Take a picture showing yourself with the large VCT x DRX Team Capsule banner installed at the tower for proof.
  3. Upload the picture to Twitter/X or Instagram, including the hashtag #BuyTheDRXBundle

Once all the steps are completed, lucky fans will have a chance to receive the following prizes:

  • 2x DRX Playoff Game Tickets
  • 1x DRX + PRX Autographed Uniform
  • 4x Symbol Gun Buddy Keychains
  • 4x Player Card Sticker Packs

How Is DRX Doing In VCT?

The DRX Valorant squad underwent significant roster changes coming into 2024 and failed to qualify for VCT Masters Madrid, the first international event of the year. Thankfully, the new roster is meshing well together, and the team has already qualified themselves for the Playoffs of VCT Pacific Stage 1.

DRX leads the tournament with a flawless 4-0 record in the group stage with one more match to play. 

Earlier in April, the Valorant team released statistics of the highest-selling team bundles for each region. In the Asia Pacific region, DRX is ranked fourth.

Top five VCT Pacific teams in total sales:

  1. Paper Rex
  2. ZETA Division
  3. T1
  4. DRX
  5. Gen.G

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