xQc Receives Criticism from Among Us Community After 5up Argument

Leading Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel faced a backlash from the Among Us Community over the weekend following a... Pablo | 29. September 2020

Leading Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel faced a backlash from the Among Us Community over the weekend following a tense exchange with popular personality “5up”. Among us, the multiplayer murder mystery game, has taken streaming platforms by storm because of its unique gameplay. Chance “sodapoppin” Morris was one of the first to stream the game.

How Tensions Mounted Between xQc & 5up

However, with xQc and 5up having been playing on the same Among Us lobby on September 25, the latter accused xQc of being the imposter. xQc clearly didn’t take kindly to the accusation, firing back at his opponent’s willingness to quit the lobby, saying: “Peace out man, go play with your f*cking dummies. F*cking c*cklord.” That was not the end of the matter however, with 5up slamming xQc for his lack of sportsmanship and tendency to belittle other gamers. 5up, who has gained a reputation as one of the best Among Us players around, stated that xQc had a tendency of “controlling a game and leaving no room.” There is clearly no love loss between the duo.

The popularity of Among Us has led to top Esports personalities taking to streaming the game, with xQc being one of many to team up with previously unknown streamers as a result of the ever-growing lobby size. Meanwhile, 5up recently featured in one of Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam’s streams, helping to add to his standing in the Among Us scene, as well as helping him in attracting 173,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Did the Dust Eventually Settle Between the Duo?

It is such popularity that has led the Among Us community to mainly siding with 5up in his dispute with xQc, however it is perhaps not a surprise who know the personality of the former Overwatch pro. Fellow streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker was vocal in his support for xQc, believing that it was unnecessary for him to speak in an aggressive manner towards an up and coming content creator. However, 5up played down the spat, stating that: “There’s no bad blood between Félix and I. Everything is fine chat, don’t worry.”

As such, it appears that the duo will continue to stream Among Us individually, while a possible partnership in the future would not be out of the question.