Florida Mutineers stun London Royal Ravens with 3-0 sweep in CDL playoffs

The Florida Mutineers swept the London Royal Ravens 3-0 and advanced to the second round of the Call of... Shubh | 2. April 2022

The Florida Mutineers swept the London Royal Ravens 3-0 and advanced to the second round of the Call of Duty League’s second LAN tournament.

London Royal was on a brilliant 4-1 run and lost only one game to Atlanta Faze. On the other hand, the Florida Mutineers were on a losing streak. Both of the teams performed exactly opposite of what was expected considering the result of their last matches. London Royal was not in the right momentum and the Mutineers smashed them in all three maps of the series.

Owakening with K/D of 1.33 and Davpadie with K/D of 1.40 proved yet again why they are one of the strongest teams when it comes to Hardpoint. The duo led Florida to a very comfortable 250-177 victory over London. Royal Raven started the next round dominatingly and gained an early 4-0 lead on the second map of the series, Tuscan Search and Destroy. The Mutineers bounced back immediately. SkyZ and Vivid were outstanding in Tuscan, and they annihilated Royal Raven in the next six rounds. Despite a valiant effort from Zer0, who had a 13-5 stat line, the Mutineers easily won the map and the series.

Ravens fought fiercely on the last map, Gavutu Control. Unfortunately, their efforts in the last round were insufficient, and Florida won both points in the fifth round, courtesy of Davpadie’s outstanding performance which includes a 30-19 stat line. The Florida Mutineers won the series 3-0 and advanced to the CDL playoffs’ second round.


A tough journey ahead for the Ravens

This match was certainly a disappointment for Royal Ravens. A team that was ranked alongside the Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Texas in the CDL’s top tier now find itself in a tough position. They are relegated to the elimination bracket after an excellent series and they will have little margin for error in the lower bracket.

Florida has finally regained their stride, and this victory over the great London Ravens will undoubtedly aid them in their upcoming match, especially after such a long losing run. A team that is coordinated, composed, and has no room for error is a threat to everyone competing in the CDL, and team Florida imposed the exact same threat on everyone.

Both teams have an exciting matchup tomorrow, Florida will face the Boston Breach in the second round of the winner’s bracket and London will meet the Paris Legion in the losers bracket of the CDL playoffs.