CoD – Player in Warzone sells three letters for $1,000

Player in CoD Warzone sells three letters for $1,000. In CoD: Warzone, a player has sold a very specific... Fragster | 15. July 2021

Player in CoD Warzone sells three letters for $1,000. In CoD: Warzone, a player has sold a very specific clan tag for $1,000. First, let’s explain what a clan tag is: In Call of Duty: Warzone, you can create an internal clan in the game, also called a regiment.

Which regiment you belong to is indicated by letters or numbers, which are placed in front of the gamer tag. The letters are determined by the clan leader and you can join the clan on invitation and then also adorn yourself with this “clan tag”.

What was so special about his clan tag?

A clan leader named xMrGodz somehow managed to include three very special letters as a clan tag. He used the symbols for “R3”, “D-Pad down”, and “L2” and sort of created the symbol of a PlayStation controller. xMrGodz was quite popular with his Play-Station clan tag because it has such a great recognition value. Apparently, people kept begging him for an invite. But he says that’s over now, as he tweeted the following:

“Sold the 3 button regiment for $1,000 now. Sorry if you got kicked, I don’t own it anymore. This was my last regiment so say goodbye to “Can I have an invite”.

The message was rather poorly received and it rained criticism for the player. Although xMrGodz proved to have a proficient business sense, those who were kicked out of the clan were not very pleased about it. This is mainly due to the fact that some users had to watch xMrGodz’s streams for hours to collect 10,000 channel points to even be considered for an invite. As a result, he was heavily criticized on Twitter.

However, xMrGodz also says that he always intended to sell the clan at some point and that’s why he didn’t accept money when people wanted to buy invites. In any case, xMrGodz is now $1,000 richer and one lucky user can enjoy the PlayStation Button Clan tag.