Team Falcons Are Close to Elimination at EPL S19

Team Falcons went to ESL Pro League S19 with high ambitions and a formidable roster, consisting of players like... Radu M. | 26. April 2024

Team Falcons went to ESL Pro League S19 with high ambitions and a formidable roster, consisting of players like SunPayus, Magisk, and dupreeh. They also have zonic, who is the most accomplished coach in the history of Counter-Strike.

But despite these strengths, Falcons can’t seem to find a successful formula against the world’s best teams. After the first three matches they played at EPL S19, they are now one step away from elimination.

In a tournament with a standard format, they would have already been eliminated because they lost two times. But ESL Pro League uses the triple-elimination format these days, which means that a team needs to lose three times to be eliminated or win three times to advance to the playoffs.

The exception is the two teams that win their first two matches. These teams advance to the playoffs with just two victories. Their direct match simply determines who goes to the quarterfinals and who goes to Round of 12.

Team Falcons’ Results So Far

Falcons started the tournament with a match against MongolZ, who we now know are very strong. They beat not only Falcons but G2 Esports as well. In the match against Falcons, the scores were 3 – 13 on Mirage, 13 – 9 on Nuke, and 11 – 13 on Ancient.

The best player for Falcons was dupreeh, who ended the match with a record of 51 – 46. Meanwhile, Snappi had just 20 kills and 48 deaths. This wouldn’t have been a problem if the team won, because he is the IGL. But they didn’t.

In the second match of ESL Pro League S19, Falcons struggled against TYLOO and barely won after three tense maps. The scores were 11 – 13 on Mirage, 13 – 9 on Vertigo, and 13 – 10 on Nuke. This result was a clear indication that the team’s failure in the qualifiers for the 2024 Esports World Cup was not an accident.

In their third match, Falcons encountered BetBoom Team, who had lost against Team Vitality in the upper bracket semifinals. Initially, the score favored Falcons, who won the first half of Overpass 4 – 8. But in the end, they lost both maps: 13 – 9 on Overpass followed by 13 – 8 on Nuke.

Once again, dupreeh was the best fragger for Falcons, while Snappi struggled to keep up with the rest of the team.

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