ImperialHal quits Apex Legends

One of the most popular players in the competitive scene of Apex Legends and, of course, in the content... Eduardo | 27. April 2023

One of the most popular players in the competitive scene of Apex Legends and, of course, in the content creation of this wonderful video game, ImperialHal announced his retirement from the game due to mental health issues.

Nowadays, it is very common to see different players decide to retire due to mental health issues. This can be caused by the stress or anxiety that professional esports players competing at the highest level are subjected to.

On the other hand, since the arrival of Revelry (the current season of the game) several months ago, Apex Legends has been presenting different problems in the servers that undoubtedly, affect the players’ quality of life. In addition, cheaters have increased recently, so many players are getting tired of the game’s current state, and ImperialHal is one of them.

ImperialHal announces his departure from Apex Legends

Last April 26, ImperialHal announced his departure from Apex Legends, citing mental health issues, which, according to the player, worsened due to the game’s current state.

As we can see in the Tweet, ImperialHal references that he currently feels he is at his “lowest” point. In addition, the player points out that his performance had dropped in recent months due to the mental health issues he has recently presented.

It’s no secret to anyone that the game’s current state is worrying; server connection errors, map bugs, and cheats are increasing, and Respawn still hasn’t found a way to combat them. While the developers promised to fix the problems, they also recently suffered a DDOS attack on the servers, worsening the situation.

In addition to ImperialHal, other players, such as Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith and Eric “Snip3down” Wrona, have mentioned that the game was in its “worst state” since launch. They further alleged that they feel Respawn is completely ignoring the game’s problems, as we encounter more and more bugs and cheats in every game.

About ImperialHal

As we all know, ImperialHal is a professional gamer and a popular content creator who has been playing Apex Legends since the game’s launch in 2019. According to the community, ImperialHal is one of the most influential streamers in the game, and he is also the player with the highest salary in the Apex competitive scene.

Likewise, the player did not mention whether he would retire completely from the game or take an indefinite break. In addition, he did not mention whether he would continue creating content for other titles.

On the other hand, this announcement by ImperialHal has been very well received by the community and other players in the scene, who expressed their support for the situation he is going through. In addition, they were very concerned about the future of competitive Apex.

There is no doubt that season 17 will be decisive for the future of Apex Legends, and both professional players and fans expect Respawn to bring many improvements in every way. The launch of the new season of the game will be next May 9, 2023.

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