All Rumored Fortnight Skins That Are Coming Soon

If the latest leaks are true, Fortnite’s ever-changing world will get another batch of skins. As players wait for... Stalingrad | 26. March 2024

If the latest leaks are true, Fortnite’s ever-changing world will get another batch of skins. As players wait for Chapter 5 Season 2 to launch, data miners have leaked images of skins that are rumored to arrive in the Battle Pass and Item Shop. From iconic characters rooted in Greek mythology to highly-anticipated reskins and free rewards, the leaks suggest an epic celebration of diverse aesthetics and pop culture crossovers. Let’s dive into all the rumored new and returning Fortnite skins that could be hitting the island very soon.

Mythological Might: The Rumored Greek God Skins

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According to multiple credible leaks, Chapter 5 Season 2’s Battle Pass is shaping up to be a mythological extravaganza. Renowned data miners claim that players can expect to unlock skins depicting revered Greek deities, painting a vivid picture of divine intervention on the Island.

Leading the godly ensemble is the rumored Zeus skin, embodying the king of the gods himself. With his signature lightning bolt and commanding presence, this leaked outfit promises to bring thunderous style to the battlefield.

Other rumored Greek god skins include Poseidon, ruler of the seas, potentially wielding his iconic trident, and the fearsome god of war, Ares, ready to unleash divine fury upon foes. The alluring Aphrodite and the huntress Artemis are also speculated to grace the Battle Pass, adding further depth to this mythological ensemble.

Ancient Beasts and Legendary Figures

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But the leaks aren’t limited to the Olympian pantheon. The three-headed dog of Hades, Cerberus, may also be seen by players patrolling the Island. Meanwhile, the ruler of the underworld himself, Hades, could make an appearance, shrouding the battlegrounds in his grim aura.

Perhaps most intriguing is the rumor of a Medusa skin with two selectable styles. The iconic Gorgon, whose very gaze turns mortals to stone, could unleash her petrifying powers in both traditional and reimagined forms.

Teasing the Odyssey: A Free Reward?

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Beyond the Battle Pass, leakers have uncovered whispers of a mysterious “Odyssey” skin, potentially tied to a free reward for completing quests in Ranked Battle Royale or Zero Build mode. While details remain scarce, the name alone conjures visions of an epic journey, hinting at a coveted cosmetic prize for dedicated players.

In-Game Constellations Fuel the Hype

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Adding credence to these leaks are the constellations spotted within the game itself. Patterns resembling a trident and a heart have been observed, aligning with the rumored Poseidon and Aphrodite skins, respectively. These celestial teasers have only fueled the excitement surrounding the potential Greek mythology theme.

The Return of Old Favorites

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Amidst the influx of new skins, Fortnite fans may also witness the triumphant return of beloved classics. Leakers have hinted at reskins and reimagined versions of iconic outfits from past seasons, catering to both nostalgia and fresh aesthetics.

One such rumor involves the potential comeback of the fan-favorite Midas skin, perhaps adorned with a new twist befitting the heist-themed Chapter 4 Season 4. The golden touch of Midas could once again reign supreme, delighting long-time players and newcomers alike.

Additionally, whispers of a new Wave 2 for the popular My Hero Academia collaboration have surfaced, promising even more heroes from the beloved anime series to join the fray.

A Revolving Door of Crossovers

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Fortnite is notorious for having big crossovers and rumors have suggested an eclectic lineup of pop culture icons will be hitting the Item Shop in the coming weeks and months.

The DeLorean time machine could be arriving as a drivable vehicle skin soon for fans of the classic sci-fi film “Back to the Future”–possibly alongside skins from the time-traveling characters.

Other rumored collaborations include the beloved animated series “Futurama,” with leaks suggesting skins for Fry, Bender, and Leela, complete with themed back blings and accessories.

For music enthusiasts, the enigmatic “Galaxy Crossfade” bundle has been teased, promising a cosmic celebration of sound and style with outfits, harvesting tools, and emotes galore.

The Leaks Keep Coming

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As Fortnite players wait for Chapter 5 Season 2 to drop, the leaks have not slowed down. From hints at new movement mechanics and weapons to rumors of a new map and new game modes, the rumor mill keeps churning away, simultaneously fueling speculation and excitement.

Whether you are a Fortnite veteran or just looking for the most recent cosmetic goodies, the leaks surrounding the upcoming season and beyond promise a continuous stream of skins, in-game content, and crossovers. As the days tick by until Chapter 5 Season 2 begin to tick by, one thing is certain: The Island is about to become a mythological duel of gods, beasts, and pop culture icons alike, as the epic battle of style and storytelling rages on.

As Fortnite continues to redefine what a battle royale experience is, loopers, be sure to check back soon for further leaks and official reveal announcements. The gods (and data miners) have spoken, and an odyssey of epic proportions is in store.