DPC 2023 Tour 1 results in China

In the Chinese region, Tour 1 of Dota Pro Circuit 2023 will conclude on February 3. But most of... Radu M. | 31. January 2023

In the Chinese region, Tour 1 of Dota Pro Circuit 2023 will conclude on February 3. But most of the important results have already been determined.

We know, for instance, that Knights, PSG.LGD, and Team Aster are qualified for the Lima Major. We also know that Dawn Gaming are relegated and that Aster.Aries will almost certainly be relegated as well. Because they have zero victories in the first five matches, while the sixth team in the competition has two.

Overall results and impressions

Nobody understands what happened in Chinese Dota in 2023. At the end of 2022, things looked relatively normal. But soon after, a lot of well-known players and organizations started to disappear from the professional scene.

Royal Never Give Up transferred their slot to Knights, and players who made esports history for the region seem to have taken a year off or perhaps even retired from the game.

That is how we ended up with organizations like Dawn Gaming, Aster.Aries, and Knights in Division I. And with players that nobody has ever heard of representing top teams like PSG.LGD.

Right now, a lot of people suspect that in Dota 2, China will no longer be the force it used to be for the past 10 years. Its teams are nowhere near the skill level of the Western European, Eastern European, and South American teams. But, for the time being, the region still gets four Major slots.

We’ll have to see what they can do with them but it’s clear that apart from Team Aster, nobody in the region has the necessary experience to win a Major or get at least a top three result.

Three of the teams that have qualified for the Lima Major are Knights, PSG.LGD, and Aster. All of them won almost all of their matches in this Tour. At the moment, Knights and PSG.LGD have a record of 5 W – 1 L, while Aster are undefeated with two matches left to play.

The fourth place is occupied by Xtreme Gaming, with a record of 3 W – 3 L. This team will most likely end up going to the Major as well. The fifth and sixth competitors in this Division are EHOME (2-3) and Invictus Gaming (2-3). However, both of them lack the leadership required to defeat the likes of Xtreme Gaming.

This team has one of the best players in the world on the roster: Zhang “Paparazi” Chengjun. If he’s in great shape, Xtreme Gaming will certainly qualify for the Lima Major.

Header: Team Aster