New $100,000 Apex Legends Circuit for North America launched

A new Apex Legends tournament series is coming to the scene, bringing new Apex challenges to North America. Hyperluxe... Fragster | 1. September 2022

A new Apex Legends tournament series is coming to the scene, bringing new Apex challenges to North America. Hyperluxe and Oversight’s $100,000 Apex Legends Circuit is the largest third-party Apex competition outside of the ALGS. 

The Oversight X Hyperluxe Apex Legends Circuit, which features $100,000 in prize money, has been created by tournament organizer Hyperluxe in collaboration with tournament administrators TSM minustempo and ChronoCreative. 

The bigger third-party Apex series was only the GLL Masters series, which held its last event back in spring 2021.

Finally new Apex competition

This news is a big deal for the Apex esports scene that is starved for some action during the ALGS off-season. Aside from lower-tier competitions hosted by Esports Arena and Nerd Street, Apex pro players didn’t have a lot of opportunities to compete over the past few months. What’s more, there aren’t any details on the following third ALGS season. 

This is a problem especially for teams without large organizations behind their backs, or for those who didn’t manage to qualify for the ALGS Championship. For almost half a year, some teams were left dry and didn’t have a chance to take part in a competition and earn money.

Surviving such periods of drought can be difficult for members of these teams, which might result in players having to look for another job. In such cases, they may not be able to take part in tournaments that will be announced later due to their other responsibilities. Ultimately, the lack of competition leaves a serious mark on the sustainability of the scene. 

Few opportunities in other regions

While the news of the brand new Apex Legends tournament series in North America has been greeted with excitement, several European pros have expressed concern at how few opportunities there are for them in EMEA.

Without the ALGS Pro league in sight, pro players in regions like EMEA, APAC, and South America will either have to try to survive until the tournament season starts again or relocate to North America, just like the reigning ALGS champions DarkZero have hinted at doing.

The Apex Legends esports scene needs outside initiative and third-party tournaments to stay afloat and thrive, however, only the North American region seems to be in luck when it comes to organizers announcing new tournament series.

However, nobody knows what’s to come, and maybe other regions will follow suit soon. Hopefully, at least the new ALGS season will be revealed soon. 

Header: TSM minustempo/Twitter