Eduardo | 25. January 2023

Snax launches his own CS:GO squad: Let Us Cook

Nowadays, we notice a pattern of many veteran players in the esports scene dabbling in creating a team of their own in their favorite video games. We saw it with Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip, former CS:GO pro and now content creator, creating his VALORANT team.

Different personalities have also done it to entertain their fans and see their favorite players playing on the same teams.

Now it is the turn of a very experienced player in the professional CS:GO scene, Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski, who announced the creation of his team, Let Us Cook.

Snax announces his own CS:GO team

Former Virtus.pro player and veteran of a thousand battles, Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski, has decided to stop waiting in free agency for a team to contact him and start a project from scratch. The Polish superstar has formed a squad called Let Us Cook, which features four extremely young players. Alexandru “sound” Ștefan and Raul “Blytz” Gligor, an amazing Romanian duo, Danish IGL Mikkel “Maze” Sparvath, and AWPer Sebastian “fr3nd” Kuśmierz.

About Snax

Snax has been away from professional CS:GO servers since splitting from ENCE’s lineup at IEM Dallas 2022 in June. However, the player proved that, despite his age, he still has spectacular qualities to play CS:GO at the highest level.

The 29-year-old Pole lasted a long time away from the professional scene but finished IEM Dallas 2022 as one of the top-rated players. In addition, he helped ENCE reach the grand final while he was filling in for Lotan “Spinx” Giladi. This performance undoubtedly gave him a resurgence in his career, but he did not reach a deal with any organization for 2023.

About Let Us Cook

The new team created by Snax reported that they are looking for an organization to represent, but it is unlikely they will get one without getting good results first. Let Us Cook will have as Head Coach, an old friend of Snax, the also Polish Jędrzej “Bogdan” Rokita. The two worked together under the banner of ex-Team Finest during the last months of 2022.

Now, in this new team, it is very likely that Snax will take on the role he has wanted so much, of Lurker. For fr3nd is the main AWPer in the lineup.

Let Us Cook will make its first appearance next Thursday, January 26th, at the CCT North Europe Series three, played online. The team will face GenOne and have very high expectations of their performance.

Also participating in the $50,000 tournament are SINNERS, Young Ninjas, forZe, and MOUZ NXT, and the organizers will invite eight more teams for the playoffs.

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