New World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion set to release in 2022 

World of Warcraft expansion called Dragonflight will be released in the upcoming six months! However, there’s no exact release... Daria Belous | 23. June 2022

World of Warcraft expansion called Dragonflight will be released in the upcoming six months! However, there’s no exact release date, as Blizzard Entertainment developers only shared that the launch window is set till the end of 2022.

The new DLC will feature a new race and a bunch of new features which are summed up in this Fragster article.

What’s known about World of Warcraft Dragonflight? 

The action of the new expansion will take place on Dragon Isles with four zones: Azure Span, Ohn’ahran Plains, Waking Shores, and the ancient Thaldraszus. The isles will be filled with new race representatives — Dracthyr with two forms, one of which is human and the second one is a dragon. Players will be able to create new dragon-like characters at the launch of the new expansion and try a new class called Evoker. 

Evoker class and flying mounts 

Evokers will be equipped with underestimated mail armour and have two different specializations — Devastation, which is centered around damage, and Preservation, which allows players to heal and buff their allies. Evokers will also have a completely new type of “empowering” spells and the player will have to hold the button to charge the spell. According to the developers, this will help to feel the physical connection with the character and immerse the gamers into the game even more.  

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The Dragonflight expansion will also add a new way of travel using a true dragon mount. The unique feature will allow players to hop on a flying beast and travel around Dragon Isles. As the game progresses, the mount’s hovering abilities will also improve. This feature was the reason why the new location is much bigger than previous DLC zones, as the developers presumably wanted to give players the exploring opportunity so that they can see the game from a different perspective. 

Furthermore, the developers also added a mount customization feature, so players will be able to make their riding pets more unique. Four different drakes will be available — one for each zone. Apart from personalization, players can obtain special moves for mounts and upgrade them through special challenges. 

Goodies for collectors 

Other features are the level cap of 70, pet Drakks and special gifts that will be distributed with higher-tier editions of the expansion. For example, the owners of Heroic edition can start the game right away from level 60 and get one more unique pet and mount. The highest-tier Epic edition includes Hearthstone effect, special diadem, wings and 30 days of game time.  


The Ultimate World of Warcraft lovers can buy a collector’s set which will include an Epic edition of the DLC, hardback art book, mousepad and a pack of five unique pins that feature in-game dragons. 

UI revamp and skills trees 

The original UI was designed back in 2004, however, technology doesn’t sit in one place so the developers now are reportedly working on a new in-game interface which appears to be cleaner and take less place on the screen. In addition, players will get the option to move the UI elements to their desirable corner of the screen. 

Another important update will affect the skill system. The developers will again use the old tree skills system in a renovated way. There will be two skill trees — one for the class and one for character specialization. Moreover, players will be able to experiment with their builds and save them to use in an appropriate situation. 

No release date announced

As mentioned before, the launch will happen sometime in 2022. However, no date has been officially announced and the World of Warcraft community is waiting for the next pre-expansion patch to get more clues about the upcoming expansion. 

Images credit: Blizzard Entertainment