SI2021: Empire, BDS, Parabellum at the Top

The European teams have overtaken Group A. With the notable exception of G2 Esports, they’ve managed to surpass all... Fabio | 15. May 2021

The European teams have overtaken Group A. With the notable exception of G2 Esports, they’ve managed to surpass all the other teams – even the LATAM ones. Group B, however, was quite a shocker. At this moment, Parabellum Esports are at the top.

The Canadians, who back then had to fight through the Open Qualifier in North America, mounted wins over NiP, SSG, and Giants yesterday. But Giants also managed to impress with 8-7 and 7-5 wins over Mkers and TSM, respectively.


Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu and his boys are enjoying their time in the spotlight. After their loss to Empire on the first match day, they have now recorded three clean victories, which means that they’re up at the top of the standings alongside Artur “ShepparD” Ipatov and his troops. A surprising 6-8 defeat to DarkZero has unfortunately kept Empire from maintaining a perfect record and dominating Group A on their lonesome.

G2, however, are still not getting off their feet. Their victory over CYCLOPS was expected, but they’ve still not been able to record any other victories. Ben “CTZN” McMillan continues to be one of the top performers of the tournament, but the rest of his team is failing to keep up.


This is a result that rarely anyone would have anticipated. The former Altiora Esports roster had to valiantly fight through the Open Qualifcation to come here in the first place, but now they appear to be just as good as the rest. Mkers, however, have lost some of their edge, dropping all the way to sixth place. This isn’t a serious issue though, as almost every team will make it to the playoffs. Their seeding does unfortunately suffer from it, but they have three matches left to set things right again.

Oxygen Esports have also dropped down massively. While they did have some strong opposition in the form of the Ninjas in Pyjamas and TSM, their 1-3 record won’t be easy to remedy. They won’t be able to catch up to Parabellum Esports anymore, but they can nonetheless attain a better seeding and try to qualify for playoffs.

Both groups have one more match day left. Afterwards, we’ll have the seeding for the playoffs all set. The Top 4 from each group will transition to the Upper Bracket, where they’ll have a much better chance of survival. Teams like G2 and Oxygen, however, will likely take place in the Lower Bracket. After one single match loss, these teams will already have to exit the playoffs bracket and thereby the Six Invitational 2021.