Paul Pogba Flashback SBC may be heading to Ultimate Team

The TOTY promotion is currently active in FIFA 23, and if the rumors are true, Paul Pogba’s Flashback SBC... Maria | 21. January 2023

The TOTY promotion is currently active in FIFA 23, and if the rumors are true, Paul Pogba’s Flashback SBC could be coming soon to the Ultimate Team mode. After the official launch of the Sergio Ramos Flashback SBC, FUT Sheriff shared the information on their social networks.

This could be the second SBC release during the current promotion if the most recent information that has emerged is correct. With much euphoria and anticipation, the TOTY promotion has finally arrived in Ultimate Team, adding some excellent cards to the game. It also features unique versions of all the players who excelled in the previous season.

In addition, the SBC Flashback SBCs are unique, even if there is a clear connection to the existing promotion. They often showcase a player’s best performance or season, and the most recent one might be no different. For example, the Paul Pogba SBC Flashback will likely focus on the Frenchman’s appearance in an earlier TOTY ad.

The Paul Pogba Flashback SBC

It remains to be seen when FIFA 23 players can get their hands on the SBC. Following last night’s release of Sergio Ramos’ SBC Flashback SBC, the unique challenge could appear as soon as tonight. The type and amount of fodder needed will be determined by the tasks included in the challenge, affecting the final cost.

The stats for the card are still unknown and will likely be made public once it is made official. However, some numbers have been projected by FUT Sheriff, and the Paul Pogba Flashback SBC could feature a well-rounded card. His base position will be CM, but he will likely have respectable pace and offensive numbers.

FIFA 23 players will be able to get a perfect card with the Paul Pogba SBC Flashback SBC if the expected stats are met. The promotion, as previously announced, went live last night, and the team attacker’s assets can already be accessed in packs.

More cards

More cards are expected to be progressively added to the game, some of which will be acquired through SBCs. The Ultimate Team roster has also been expanded to include TOTY icons, which are unique versions of old legends. These icons are different from typical icons and have better stats overall.

That said, getting the items in the package can be expensive due to the diminishing odds. However, players can get the items by completing challenges that don’t rely on luck. Also, while some of these challenges may be more expensive than usual, FIFA 23 players can cut costs by using fodder from their collection.

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