Krafton confirm BGMI’s return in India

The Government of India has given the go-ahead for a three-month trial of Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India, bringing the... Shubh | 19. May 2023

The Government of India has given the go-ahead for a three-month trial of Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India, bringing the game one step closer to its comeback.

According to Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) will soon be coming back to the country, much to the delight of its devoted fans. The game will soon be made accessible across Android and iOS devices via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. Although the developers have not yet made any formal announcements on the return date, players believe Battlegrounds Mobile India will return either today or tomorrow.

Ban on BGMI has been lifted, but there’s a catch

The BGMI ban has been lifted, which is clearly fantastic news for the country’s gaming community, but there are still questions about the game’s future. Rajeev Chandrashekhar, India’s Union Minister of State for Entrepreneurship, Skill Development, Electronics & Technology, said on Twitter that BGMI will make a comeback with a three-month trial approval. Before deciding conclusively on the game’s long-term status, the Indian government will attentively monitor and evaluate concerns relating to “user harm and addiction” during the ensuing three months.

Although Krafton’s BGMI has previously been outlawed twice in India, the publishers are attempting a more community-focused strategy this time. The CEO of Krafton, Sean Hyunil Sohn, recently shared a post on the matter in which he expressed gratitude to the Indian government for permitting BGMI to restart operations. Sean also expressed his sincere gratitude and respect for the unwavering support that BGMI has received from the Indian gaming community since its introduction to the nation less than two years ago.

BGMI is expected to return shortly

BGMI players have to wait a little while to try out Krafton’s battle royale again, as the developer could be performing necessary inspections before making the title available. It’s possible that the servers were taken offline for the necessary modifications so the title could reflect the adjustments required by the Indian authorities. After that, fans will be able to play the game again and the devs will be free to publish fresh updates.

One of the main questions that many BGMI fans appear to be asking in light of the announcement is what will happen to players’ inventories of cosmetics, skins, and finishes when the servers come back up. Krafton has just made a statement about it, and it appears that players will be able to transfer their accounts and inventories to the game once the ban is lifted.

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