| 11. January 2022

Nerfs for Qiyana, Zed, Hextech & Chemtech Soul in Patch 12.2

Patch 12.2, will be the second update in League of Legends Season 2022, is on its way and will tone down some aspects a bit. This mainly involves a handful of assassins like Zed, Qiyana and Talon, who were spared from heavy nerfs in patch 12.1.

Riot Phlox, designer on the Summoner’s Rift team for League of Legends, has created a list of champions, items and objectives that will be changed in patch 12.2. Among these changes are mostly nerfs to the Midlane and Jungle.

Assassins and Shen will be nerfed

Zed, Qiyana and Talon will be nerfed with the patch. The three can each be used in both mid-lane and jungle, with consistent win rates in both roles and dealing tremendous damage in short bursts. With Talon specifically, these nerfs likely target his ability to clear camps. Zed and Qiyana may see direct damage reductions in the near future.

After the teleport changes in patch 12.1, Shen suddenly became much more popular because he is now one of the only champions who can freely traverse the map before the 13 minute mark. While his “R” value is likely to be reduced, the skills that allow him to deal massive damage might also change. Both Hextech and Chemtech will be downgraded because some fans complained that they were too strong compared to other elemental dragons.

Lulu has long been at the top of the support rankings thanks to her W, which disables all of her opponents’ abilities for a short time. While her damage isn’t reduced, the cooldown time of her abilities – especially her W and her Ultimate – could be significantly higher in Patch 12.2.

Tahm Kench gets mini-buff

This patch also revises the giant frog Tahm Kench, Rengar and Janna. Rengar gets a new passive to his Ultimate that allows him to jump out of stealth – perfect for Chemtech Rifts and Senna’s E. Tahm Kench will no longer slow down when using his Ultimate on an ally, but will instead get a short speed boost.

The changes to Janna are aimed at making her less of a poke enchanter and more focused on her utility. Lethal Tempo, which was revised in the preseason, will also be toned down due to its widespread use among ranged and melee champions. Patch 12.2 is expected to hit the live servers on January 19.

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