G2 and Heroic win their groups at BLAST Premier: Spring Final

BLAST Premier: Spring Final is ready to move on to the playoffs stage. The group stage ended with two... Radu M. | 9. June 2023

BLAST Premier: Spring Final is ready to move on to the playoffs stage. The group stage ended with two major upsets that might lead to roster changes. The top teams qualified for the playoffs, as was expected, but in both groups the underdogs qualified as well. This meant that two of the strong competitors got eliminated.

In group A, Cloud9 was the eliminated team of the four. The other three advanced to the next stage. C9 were quite unlucky because they had to play against G2 in the opening match and then Team Vitality in the elimination match. Vitality shouldn’t have lost against Imperial, but they somehow did.

In group B, Heroic were the winners, followed by FaZe Clan. But the third-place team was Complexity. Astralis got eliminated after losing against both FaZe and Complexity. The elimination match was one of the closest ones we’ve seen in recent memory. Every single map was incredibly tense.

Group A impressions and results

In Group A, Vitality struggled to win the elimination match against Cloud9. The scores were 16-13 on Overpass and 19-16 on Anubis. As usual, the man who carried the French squad was Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut. He finished the match with a K-D score of 54-35.

In the winners match, G2 also had problems against Imperial. The scores were 7-16 on Ancient, 16-13 on Inferno, and 13-16 on Nuke. The only reason why G2 won was the exceptional performance of Nikola “NiKo” Kovac and Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov. NiKo’s rating 2.0 was 1.47, while Imperial’s best players’ was just 0.95.


Group B impressions and results

The elimination match between Complexity and Astralis finished with a 2-1 result but the scores were a true rarity: 16-14 on Vertigo, 14-16 on Ancient, and 16-14 on Overpass. Astralis got massively carried by the performance of Benjamin “blameF” Bremer (77-49) and Nicolai “device” Reedtz (61-55). The others had modest scores.

Complexity won but only by a very small margin. The man who had the biggest impact for them on the third and final map was Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek.

In the winners match, Heroic had a tough first map against FaZe: 19-16 on Nuke. But the second map was a walk in the park: 10-5 into 16-10. The entire Heroic team played well and the players’ scores are very similar to each other.

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