Methodz retires from CoD

Call of Duty legends continues to say goodbye. This time, we have Anthony “Methodz” Zinni, who has announced his... Eduardo | 6. February 2023

Call of Duty legends continues to say goodbye. This time, we have Anthony “Methodz” Zinni, who has announced his official retirement from the competitive Call of Duty scene in the middle of CDL Major II in Boston. The announcement comes very unexpectedly, as it is no secret that this player still had a lot of talent left to show.

After OpTic Texas eliminated Boston Breach in elimination round 3 of CDL Major II 2023, Methodz took the stage and announced his retirement from the competitive CoD scene.

Methodz had been thinking about retirement for some time

According to Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler, one of the most popular analysts in the Call of Duty League, Methodz had been thinking about retirement for a long time. Despite showing an excellent level in the CDL Major II with Boston Breach, the player decided to say goodbye to the scene in front of all his local fans.

Methodz said:

“I’m going to do my best not to fall apart. This game changed my life. I was an overweight 15-year-old kid who didn’t feel like I made much sense, and this game, this community, really changed my life, gave me confidence, and made me feel like I was somebody.”

On the other hand, Methodz also thanked all his family who attended the event because, according to the player, they accompanied him to all the tournaments he had played since he started in this world. Then, the veteran player announced that, like many today, he would devote himself full-time to content creation.

Finally, just before stepping off the majestic stage of the CDL Major II, Methodz said: “the future is green.” From that moment, everything points to the fact that the former professional player would aim to join OpTic Gaming’s content creation.

Recall that one of his friends, CoD legend Seth “Scump” Abner, has also recently retired and is now part of OpTic’s content creator division. That’s why this move makes all the sense in the world.

About Methodz

After Scump announced his retirement, Methodz and Las Vegas Legion player James “Clayster” Eubanks were the last old-school Black Ops 2 players.

Methodz lasted 11 years as a professional in the Call of Duty scene and began his career in Modern Warfare 3. Undoubtedly, his extraordinary personality and incredible skill with the controller made him a gem that any team would want to have. Moreover, throughout his extensive and renowned career, Methodz managed to lift two championships.

The community thanks Methodz for all he gave to CoD

Many players, commentators, and fans thanked Methodz on Twitter for everything he gave to Call of Duty. Many wish him success in his new phase as a content creator. Others are saddened by the retirement of an outstanding personality in the competitive Call of Duty scene.

From Fragster, we also wish Methodz the best of the world in his new adventure as a content creator. On the other hand, we hope he will continue to share his skills and great personality with everyone in his broadcasts.

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