KCorp is out of LFL playoffs for first time

This 2023 is not being friendly to some big League of Legends esports organizations. A few weeks ago, we... Eduardo | 19. March 2023

This 2023 is not being friendly to some big League of Legends esports organizations. A few weeks ago, we saw how Fnatic was left out of the LEC Winter Split Group Stage for the first time in history. Likewise, we also have KCorp being left out of the LFL playoffs for the first time in their history.

There is no doubt that this proves two things. First, teams are not just about names or history, as they must have good synergy on the field to get wins. Lastly, the level of the rest of the teams is getting higher and higher, and any small detail can cost the qualification to any tournament or phase.

Karmine Corp, three-time winners of the EMEA Masters, finish the regular phase of the LFL in ninth place, their lowest position to date.

KCorp is out of LFP playoffs for the first time

While all eyes and attention are focused on the LEC, as it is the top League of Legends league in Europe, the different regional leagues continue their course, and some of them have given us some surprises.

In the Ligue Française or LFL, as we all know it, we have witnessed a spectacular start to the 2023 season, as teams that were not on anyone’s radar have had great performances, while giants like KCorp have skated and ugly.

For the first time since its creation, Karmine Corp, one of France’s largest esports organizations, will not appear in the LFL playoffs. KCorp had a disappointing performance this early season, finishing in ninth place with a 7-11 record.

With this, KCorp ends what would be the worst season in the organization’s history. As mentioned, this team did not know what it was like to miss the playoffs, let alone have a negative record at the end of a season. However, since the Summer Split, we have seen how KCorp has been in free fall since they finished the regular season with nine wins and nine losses. Finally, in the playoffs, they were crushed by GameWard with a 1-3 score.

Cabochard and SAKEN could do nothing to stop the KCorp debacle.

While the team managed to retain two key pillars for this season, Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet and Lucas “SAKEN” Fayard, KCorp has not even been a shadow of that dazzling team that has managed to win the EMEA Masters three times.

Let’s remember that players Dogukan “113” Balci and Martin “Rekkles” Larsson decided to land in the LEC with Astralis and Fnatic, respectively, while Jules “Hantera” Bourgeois decided to join Aegis.

With the departure of these three players, KCorp announced the signing of Duncan “Skeanz” Marquet, Muhammed “Kaori” Hasan, and Alexandru “whiteinn” Kolozsvari. Undoubtedly, this team had the makings to qualify for the playoffs but lacked the synergy to make it happen.

Now, we will have to wait and see if the organization decides to make radical changes to its roster or give the guys a vote of confidence for the upcoming summer season.

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