Fragster | 6. August 2022

FIFA 23 Career: New features

This week, EA Sports has released the FIFA 23 Career Mode trailer. A number of new features were introduced to fans in the trailer. A personal player career, playable highlights, and a new menu should keep fans of this game mode entertained for another year.

EA Sports continues its series of FIFA 23 revelations with the FIFA 23 Career Mode Trailer. Today we will explain the Career Mode and in the coming days, we can expect more information about FIFA Ultimate Team.

The FIFA 23 career mode

FIFA 23 Career Mode brings a number of new features. One of the characteristics is the player personality, which allows shaping the player’s character. There are three different types — misfits, virtuosos and heartthrobs.

Players who aren’t always able to play the full matches can take advantage of playable highlights in FIFA 23 Career Mode. This gives players the opportunity to take part in the most important moments of a game. The developers see it as a middle ground between fully replaying the game and simulating it.

Finally, the main menu will change this year. EA Sports says players spend a lot of time in the menu. Not to navigate, but to actively manage their club. Besides the features mentioned above, the developers have more to offer. You can see exactly what that is in the video.

Fresh wind with FIFA 23 Career

It can be said without doubt that FIFA 23 has achieved the popularity it currently enjoys largely thanks to its online modes. Above all, FUT, Fifa Ultimate Team draws the most attention from developers, players and marketers to the title.

And FIFA 23 is sure to get a lot of attention as well, as this mode has a huge impact on Electronic Arts’ finances. Therefore, one of the main goals of each and every launch of the series is to make matches competitive and interesting and to get as many people as possible to buy FIFA Points.

The “careerists”, as they are often called, have been disappointed too often in recent years. These are the players who love the seires’ single soccer player and want to play as a coach or soccer player. FIFA 23’s career mode is expected to be very interesting and bring a breath of fresh air. This is not only appreciated but also necessary to keep the title up to date with other EA productions.

FIFA 23 will be released worldwide on September 30th. The new football game from EA Sports will be playable on all major platforms. There are several FIFA 23 editions available.