LCK and T1 release tribute videos for Faker’s 10th anniversary

To celebrate ten years of a professional career in the League of Legends scene, the LCK, and T1 have... Eduardo | 6. April 2023

To celebrate ten years of a professional career in the League of Legends scene, the LCK, and T1 have released a video in honor of the “Demon King,” Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.

For his influence on the game’s design, the South Korean is considered the best player in the history of League of Legends. Among other aspects, how Faker handles characters or himself in Summoner’s Rift is one of his main characteristics. But if his three victories in Worlds are not so significant, he has served as an example to others in other aspects.

LCK and T1 release tribute video to Faker

This past April 3, 2023, marks the 10th anniversary of Faker’s debut on the professional League of Legends scene. Back then, the South Korean helped his team, then called SK Telecom T1 K, to a 2-0 victory over CJ Entus Blaze.

Since then, the “Demon King,” as he is nicknamed in the professional scene, has become the best player in League of Legends history. In addition, the 26-year-old has won numerous awards, three world championships, two MSI, and 10 LCK titles. Thanks to this and everything that has influenced Faker in the LoL community, not only in the LCK but in the world, they have decided to make a tribute through a video.

Faker doesn’t take his foot off the gas

With ten years of career, more than 800 games in the LCK, a heroes-used catalog of more than 75, and more than 4,100 assists, the “Demon King” does not lower his level of play. On the contrary, there is no doubt that Faker’s consistency at his optimal level has led him to be the best of the best.

A few days ago, Faker was named, along with his entire T1 team, the All-LCK First Team; they were the five best players of the Split in the LCK. And with the 17-1 record, how could the five players not be in this award? In addition, at Worlds 2022, Faker came very close to winning his fourth world title. But, unfortunately, T1 fell to DRX in an extremely exciting final.

The official LCK Twitter account was the first to post a video honoring Faker titled “DEFT, 10 YEARS OF BRILLIANCE.”

T1 has its sights set on the LCK Spring Split

Faker has a chance at an 11th LCK title with T1, as his beloved club is in the Spring Split grand final awaiting the winner between Gen.G Esports and KT Rolster.

Undoubtedly, this would be just another milestone for the “Demon King” in the Summoner’s Rift. Moreover, with the excellent level of play demonstrated by the team in this Spring Split, there is no doubt that they have the confidence to dream of lifting the Worlds 2023 trophy.

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