CS2 Players: Rather cheaters in than the anti-cheat update

The Counter-Strike beta is still very young and the game has obviously still plenty of issues. Among them the first... Fragster | 4. April 2023

The Counter-Strike beta is still very young and the game has obviously still plenty of issues. Among them the first wallhack that could be activated with a console command.

However, the Counter-Strike 2 anti-cheat patch has now got players desperate and begging Valve to roll it back. With this patch, the shots look inaccurate, like they’re landing somewhere else. This should make it harder for cheaters to manipulate the trajectory of the bullets and develop cheats.

Anti-cheat changes bullet seed

The March 30th Counter-Strike 2 patch may have sparked more discussion than intended, with fans now begging Valve to revert the update’s “desynced” bullet seed changes. Bullets in CS2 used to be much more accurate on their tracers, but now they’re back to what they were before in CS:GO and players aren’t happy about it.

Petition to sync bullet tracers. No more cut backs for cheaters (Explanation in the thread)
by u/SKGamingReturn in GlobalOffensive

With the late March update, Valve again adjusted the bullet seeds to be closer to the CS:GO style, but some players have already grown fond of the adjustment in CS2. Now CS2 players are banding together to sign a “petition,” written in an April 3 Reddit post, urging Valve to restore the Bullet Seeds to their original state.

Why is the behavior of bullets changing?

The reason for Valve’s change is simple: the developers are concerned that brazen cheaters might take advantage of the bullets’ new behavior in CS2. However, players claim that the feature does not have a major impact on cheaters’ gaming experience. Other players even claimed that only newer players will be severely affected by the change, and in a negative way – it will be impossible for them to see where their bullets are going.

However, as it turns out, Valve might actually have a good reason for reintroducing the old spray behavior: the patch is intended to counteract cheats like the video shown below.

These desynced bullet seeds are designed to ensure that CS players cannot deploy spread cheats that destroy other players while remaining completely unnoticed by all other players. Valve integrated this anti-cheat to ensure players can’t manipulate their weapon spread, and it seems to be working pretty damn well.

Because CS2 is still in beta, we’ll likely see tons of tweaks to settings and anti-cheats to see what works best.

We can only hope that Valve can ensure that cheating in CS2 stops as soon as possible and players don’t have to question any of their adjustments to the anti-cheat system.

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