Console command allows players to activate a wallhack in CS2

Last March 22, Valve gave us the wonderful news that Counter-Strike 2, based on the Source 2 engine, will... Eduardo | 30. March 2023

Last March 22, Valve gave us the wonderful news that Counter-Strike 2, based on the Source 2 engine, will be released in the summer of 2023. Since then, numerous players, streamers, and professionals have been invited to participate in the game’s beta.

One of those who received this invitation was professional CS:GO player Erik “fl0m” Flom, who discovered a command in the game’s console that allows him to activate a “wallhack.”

Fl0m discovers a command that activates a wallhack in CS2

In one of his latest broadcasts on his Twitch channel, the popular streamer, fl0m, discovered a command that, when placed in the game console, activates a setting in the game that allows you to see where your opponents are through the walls, i.e., a wallhack.

As we can see, the command allows players to see the players’ points alive on the map through the different structures, be they walls, doors, or boxes. This is a legal wallhack going on inside the game right now.

There is no doubt that Valve plans to use all these reports to fix any bugs the game may have before its official release in the summer. Well, that’s what beta testing is all about; it’s to fix bugs. Moreover, Valve would have selected professional players and streamers to test the game, as they can get this kind of exploit.

But what is this command on the console?

In his live stream, as we observed in the video on his Twitter, fl0m follows the advice of one of his viewers to place the command “cl_physics_highlight_active 5” in the CS2 console. When the streamer sent the command, we saw how players were highlighted through the walls close to the character that fl0m was following.

This command shows you all the real-time information of all the players in the lobby, i.e., a wallhack.

At the end of the game, fl0m made a small video, playing solo to see what the command was.

However, there is no doubt that these types of commands will be removed very shortly from the game, as players’ quality of life within the servers must be guaranteed.

But why are these commands active at the moment?

Being a Beta or test version, Valve would leave some of these commands active in the game for the developers to change movements or game mechanics. However, this does not mean that they will always be there, as it is likely that sooner rather than later, they will be removed from the game.

To give a real example, it is the same as when we place in CS:GO the command “sv_cheats 1”, which allows us to use commands like “.noclip” or “gravity” to fly around the map. As we already know, these commands can only be used on specific servers but not in official game modes.

What to do if I am selected to test CS2?

Now, if any community member is selected to test the CS2 beta, besides enjoying the game, they must report all bugs or exploits like this to the developers. They are invited because Valve trusts their criteria to improve the game and thus launch the official game worldwide with as few problems as possible.

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