Valve updates CS2 and there are new cheats

Undoubtedly, the excitement and anticipation of the CS:GO community revolves around the release of Counter-Strike 2 this summer. Because... Eduardo | 31. March 2023

Undoubtedly, the excitement and anticipation of the CS:GO community revolves around the release of Counter-Strike 2 this summer.

Because of this, as many of us already know, Valve has allowed many players to test the game through a beta version. In addition, CS2 developers have been releasing new patches to make fixes, thanks to reports from players who have been testing the game.

A few days ago, content creator Erik “fl0m” Flom discovered a way to activate a fully legal wallhack in the game. This is thanks to the command “cl_physics_highlight_active 5”, which allows you to see opponents behind structures, walls, boxes, or doors. Because of this, Valve decided to release an update disabling all console commands used by the development team, including the aforementioned one.

Valve updates CS2 and new cheats are already available

Despite all the updates Valve made to CS2 last March 30, some community members found another easy way to use the wallhack in the game.

One of the most popular CS:GO streamers, ohnePixel, discovered shortly after the last patch released by Valve to CS2 a new way to use wallhack in the game.

While it is true that it is completely insane to use this command, as it is somewhat disastrous as you can’t see anything on the map, with this, you can see the opposing players behind the walls.

Once this command is activated, we can see how many yellow lines appear on the player’s screen and are in charge of describing some map elements. Of course, these elements include enemy players.

This other command discovered by ohnePixel undoubtedly makes CS2 completely broken. However, Valve is likely working to fix this problem because, as we have mentioned in different opportunities, the game’s beta is for finding and fixing bugs before the global release.

F0rest is upset by these legal “wallhacks”

When this command was discovered, and some players started to use it in competitive mode matches shamelessly, game legend Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg said he would not return to the game until Valve fixed the bug regarding this command.

The video shows how blatantly an opposing player perfectly hits two shots at f0rest with AWP at the MID gate. To this, f0rest said he was very frustrated that it was no fun to play that way and that he would not play until Valve fixed the problem.

However, a few hours later, Valve released a new patch where they fixed this legal wallhack bug, and the player immediately said he would be back in action.

What else does the CS2 March 30 update bring?

In addition to fixing common bugs in the game and removing all dev commands from consoles, Valve also made other improvements. For example, after many requests from the community, Valve improved the animation of the “inspect cancel” function.

On the other hand, they also fixed bugs regarding smoke grenades, which were affected by HE grenades behind walls, and some sound fixes.

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