BLAST.tv Paris Major: All you need to know

We are just two days away from the start of the last Major in the era of our beloved... Eduardo | 6. May 2023

We are just two days away from the start of the last Major in the era of our beloved Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the BLAST.tv Paris Major.

The best 24 teams of the 2023 season will gather in Paris, the capital of France, from May 8 to 21 to play a tournament that will undoubtedly give us many emotions. All the spotlights are on this tournament, as it will be the last time we will see the name of a Major associated with CS:GO. Remember that the next tournament sponsored by Valve will be played in March 2024 in Copenhagen and in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2).

Now, let’s know all the details about the BLAST.tv Paris Major, schedule, format, favorite teams, and more.

BLAST.tv Paris Major – Details

The latest CS:GO Major will kick off next Monday, May 8, 2023, when the Challengers Stage matches will be played. The 16 teams qualified for this stage will fight in the well-known Swiss format with best-of-one (BO1) matches. After that, however, all elimination or advancement matches will be played in best-of-three (BO3). Finally, the top eight teams from the phase will advance to the Legends Stage, where they join the eight waiting teams.

The format to be used in the Legends Stage will be the same as in the Challengers Stage, i.e., a Swiss format where all matches except for elimination and advancement will be played best of one (BO1). The top eight teams of this stage will qualify for the Champions Stage or Playoffs of the BLAST.tv Paris Major.

Participating teams

Here is the list of the 24 teams participating in the last Major in the CS:GO era, the BLAST.tv Paris Major:

Legends Stage

  • Natus Vincere
  • 9INE
  • FURIA Esports
  • Fnatic
  • Heroic
  • Into The Breach
  • Team Vitality
  • Bad News Eagles

Challengers Stage

  • Monte
  • paiN Gaming
  • G2 Esports
  • FORZE Esports
  • Apeks
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • OG
  • ENCE
  • MOUZ
  • Team Liquid
  • Grayhound Gaming
  • Complexity Gaming
  • The MongolZ
  • Fluxo
  • FaZe Clan

Favorite teams

There is no doubt that, for this BLAST.tv Paris Major, the teams that arrive with the label of favorites are Heroic, NaVi, and Team Vitality. This is thanks to the excellent level of play both teams have shown in these first four months of 2023. However, we cannot rule out teams like FaZe Clan, NiP, G2 Esports, OG, and MOUZ, which have also performed well this season.

We must also mention Team Liquid because, although they have not achieved the expected results, this team has grown in this kind of tournament, and we expect them to be a great contender.

Challengers Stage match schedule

As mentioned, the Paris Major will start next May 8, when the Challengers Stage will be played. Below, we will show you the official schedule of these matches. In addition, it should be noted that all these matches will be played on May 8, 2023.

  • Monte vs. FaZe Clan – 11:30 CEST
  • paiN Gaming vs. Fluxo – 11:30 CEST
  • G2 Esports vs. TheMongolz – 13:00 CEST
  • Team GamerLegion vs. Complexity Gaming – 13:00 CEST
  • forZe vs. Grayhound Gaming – 14:30 CEST
  • Apeks vs. Team Liquid – 14:30 CEST
  • NiP vs. MOUZ – 16:00 CEST
  • OG vs. ENCE – 16:00 CEST

The pairings show the highlights in the matches: Monte vs. FaZe, Apeks vs. Team Liquid, NiP vs. MOUZ, and OG vs. ENCE.

Where to watch the BLAST.tv Paris Major

As announced several months ago, BLAST launched a platform called BLAST.tv, which will broadcast each match of this Major. However, those who want to continue the tradition can access the official BLAST channels on Twitch and YouTube.

In addition, for those who want to watch in other languages, we have Alexandre “gAuLeS” Borba in Portuguese, Igor “SL4M” Sopov in Russian, and François “Cnd” Balembois in French.

Also, for those who want to watch it in German, we are pleased to announce that Fragster will be streaming the BLAST.tv Paris Major on our official Twitch channel.

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