Top 10 Mistakes That All EA Sports FC 24 Players Make

Every player of EA Sports FC 24 wants to score more goals, win more games, and just get better.... Aleksandar | 28. April 2024

Every player of EA Sports FC 24 wants to score more goals, win more games, and just get better. But, often, it’s the small errors that hold us back.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 mistakes that all EA Sports FC 24 players make and offer simple, practical advice to help you fix these issues. Whether you’re trying to nail the perfect shot, keep the ball, or outsmart your opponents with savvy tactics, understanding these common slip-ups can make a big difference.

Ready to step up your game? Let’s iron out those mistakes and start winning more matches.

Mistake #1: Lack of Attention to Defenders

One of the big mistakes in EA Sports FC 24 is not keeping an eye on defenders. When you ignore where defenders are moving, you’re more likely to lose the ball. It’s like trying to drive without watching the road!

To avoid this, you need to watch defenders closely. Always keep track of their positions and movements. This helps you predict their next move and make smarter passes. It’s also good to practice your timing.

Learn when to pass and when to hold onto the ball a bit longer. By staying alert and knowing what the defenders might do next, you can keep the ball safe and create better chances to score.

Mistake #2: Improper Shot Setup

Improper Shot Setup in ea sports fc 24


Setting up your shots poorly is another common mistake. Many players rush their shots or shoot from bad angles. To fix that, always face the goal when you shoot. It sounds simple, but it makes a huge difference.

Also, position yourself so there are fewer defenders between you and the goal. This might mean waiting a moment longer for a better spot or moving to an open space. Practice makes perfect here. Spend time in training mode working on your shot timing and placement.

The goal is to become quick and accurate with your shots, hitting the back of the net more often. Remember, a well-set-up shot increases your chances of scoring, so take that extra second to line it up right.

Mistake #3: Mispositioning Defenders

A solid defense is key in EA Sports FC 24, but one common error is mispositioning your defenders. When defenders are pulled out of their spots, it creates gaps that opponents can quickly exploit.

Think of your defense like a chain. When one link moves out of line, it weakens the whole structure. To keep your defensive line strong, practice positioning. Make sure your defenders move as a unit. Use the ‘team press’ and ‘drop back’ defensive tactics to help maintain their positions without creating gaps.

Also, avoid chasing the ball with your defenders too far up the field. Instead, select midfielders when possible for pressing, keeping your back line intact and ready to intercept any threats.

Mistake #4: Not Reading the Game’s Direction

Understanding and anticipating your opponent’s next move is crucial in EA Sports FC 24. Not reading the game’s direction can lead to missed defensive opportunities and unsuccessful attacks.

To get better at this, focus on the patterns of your opponent’s play. Notice if they favor certain players or strategies as they approach your goal. This insight allows you to adjust your tactics in real-time, positioning your players more effectively to counter these moves. Implementing a flexible defensive strategy and switching formations can also help adapt to the flow of the game. 

Remember, the more you anticipate and adapt, the better you control the match. Practice makes perfect, so spend time learning to read the game, not just playing it. This will improve your defensive decisions and your overall gameplay.

Mistake #5: Overusing Sprint

Overusing Sprint in ea sports fc 24

In EA Sports FC 24, sprinting can seem like a great way to outpace your opponent, but overdoing it can backfire. When players sprint too much, they get tired quickly. A tired player is slower, less responsive, and can’t perform moves as well.

To manage this, use sprint sparingly. Think of sprinting as a tool for specific situations, like chasing a loose ball or breaking away when you have a clear path to the goal. Otherwise, conserve energy by using normal movement to position your players.

It’s also wise to rotate your squad to keep everyone fresh. Substituting tired players during the game can keep your team’s energy up and maintain a competitive edge all through the match.

Keep in mind that managing player stamina is key to maintaining a strong performance throughout the game.

Mistake #6: Neglecting Player Chemistry

Player chemistry is a crucial part of building a successful team in EA Sports FC 24. When players have good chemistry, they coordinate better on the field, making passes smoother and setting up more effective plays.

To improve team chemistry, focus on grouping players who naturally fit together based on their playing style, position, and club or national team affiliations. Use the team management settings to experiment with different line-ups during practice sessions.

Also, pay attention to each player’s preferred positions and styles. Placing players in their preferred roles boosts their performance and overall team synergy.

Regularly playing matches with the same group enhances their ability to anticipate each other’s moves. Building and maintaining good chemistry isn’t just about player stats. It’s about creating a team that works well together on every level.

Mistake #7: Ignoring Set Pieces Training

Set pieces like free kicks, corners, and penalties are golden opportunities in EA Sports FC 24. They can be game-changers, allowing you to score or defend crucial points. However, many players skip practicing these scenarios, missing out on easy goals or solid defense setups.

To make the most of set pieces, spend time in training mode working on different techniques. For corners, learn how to vary your delivery – playing short to a nearby teammate or aiming for a powerful header from a tall player. With free kicks, practice both direct shots at goal and clever passes that catch the defense off guard.

Being unpredictable with your set-piece strategies can confuse your opponent and give you an edge. Treat each set piece as a special play that could lead to scoring or saving a critical goal.

Mistake #8: Frequent Unnecessary Skill Moves

Frequent Unnecessary Skill Moves in ea sports fc 24

Using skill moves in EA Sports FC 24 can make you feel like a top-class player, but overdoing it often leads to trouble. Complex dribbles and fancy tricks might look impressive, but they can cause turnovers if not used wisely.

Instead of relying on these skills all the time, use them selectively. Think of skill moves as a spice – not the main ingredient. Use simpler techniques like basic passes and simple dribbles to maintain possession and control of the game.

Save your special moves for moments when they can genuinely make a difference, like beating a defender one-on-one to create a scoring opportunity.

By using skill moves sparingly and strategically, you’ll be more effective on the pitch, keeping your gameplay smooth and your opponents guessing.

Mistake #9: Poor Goalkeeper Management

Managing your goalkeeper effectively in EA Sports FC 24 is crucial for keeping your net safe. Many players make the mistake of misusing their goalie by rushing out at the wrong times or choosing poor angles when facing shots.

To avoid these errors, learn when to stay on the line and when to challenge attackers. Practice using your goalkeeper to cut down angles in one-on-one situations, making the goal seem smaller to the shooter.

Also, work on your timing for when to rush out and clear the ball, which can prevent a scoring opportunity. Remember, goalkeepers are your last line of defense, and using them wisely can turn a sure goal into a brilliant save.

Regular training in these techniques will help you gain confidence in your goalkeeper decisions, securing better outcomes for your team.

Mistake #10: Lack of Adaptability in Tactics

Lack of Adaptability in Tactics in ea sports fc 24

Flexibility in your gameplay strategy is key to mastering EA Sports FC 24. Sticking to one plan, regardless of the game’s flow, can make your moves predictable and easy for opponents to counter.

To avoid this, observe how your opponent is playing and be ready to change tactics on the fly. If your usual aggressive approach isn’t working, consider switching to a more defensive posture to stifle your opponent’s attacks.

Likewise, if you’re facing a defensive team, adjust by using more creative and varied attacking methods to break through their lines. Practicing different formations and styles in non-competitive matches can prepare you to adapt during crucial moments.

Being adaptable not only keeps your opponent guessing but also maximizes your chances of controlling the game and securing a win.


Getting better at EA Sports FC 24 means learning from your mistakes. In this guide, we’ve covered the top 10 mistakes that all EA Sports FC 24 players make, offering you insights into common slip-ups and how to avoid them.

By paying attention to these tips, you can sharpen your skills, make fewer errors, and boost your chances of winning. Start applying these strategies in your next game. Practice makes perfect, and with each match, you’ll notice improvements.

Remember, every pro player once made these mistakes, too. So, keep at it, stay focused, and turn your gameplay into a path to success. Are you ready to dominate the field?

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Better at EA FC 24?

To improve in EA FC 24, practice regularly, focusing on different skills like shooting, passing, and defending. Use training modes to sharpen your techniques and play against stronger opponents to learn from their strategies.

How to Play FC 24 Well?

Playing EA FC 24 well involves understanding the game mechanics, like player movements and ball control. Learn to use the right tactics for each match situation and adapt your strategy based on your opponent’s gameplay.

How Do You Not Lose the Ball in FC 24?

To keep possession of the ball, use controlled dribbling and pass wisely. Avoid rushing your plays. Instead, wait for openings to make thoughtful moves. Improving your players’ ball-handling skills in training also helps.

How to Win Headers in FC 24?

Winning headers requires timing and positioning. Position your player where the ball will land and time your jump to coincide with the ball’s arrival. Train your players in aerial duels to enhance their heading ability.

Why Are My Players Slow in FC 24?

Player slowness can be due to low stamina or fitness. Make sure that your players are well-rested and their fitness levels are high before matches. Also, check your team’s speed attributes and consider using fresher or faster players during the game.