WZM: SOA Subverter best-for-mobile loadout!

Since its first inception in the PC versions in Season 2, the SOA Subverter debuts in Warzone Mobile is... Paolo | 5. April 2024

Since its first inception in the PC versions in Season 2, the SOA Subverter debuts in Warzone Mobile is proving to be game changer as the main primary battle rifle of choice for many competitive squads.

Coupling the 7.62mm round and a predictable fire rate attachments proved to be popular for many players, and while it had received some nerfs during the Season 3 release, this build can help you harness the power of the battle rifle for standard play! 


MUZZLE: VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor (unlocked by leveling the DG-58 LSW to Level 9)

The SOA Subverter benefits greatly from one of the more popular suppressor choices in the game, the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor. This mod balances bullet velocity with its core benefit: recoil control – allowing for faster and more accurate shots with the 7.62mm round.

BARREL: Dozer-90 Long Barrel (unlocked at Level 2)

The Dozer-90 Long Barrel effectively extends the range and damage of your SOA Subverter, making it have a more consistent damage pattern in the mid-to-semi-long range categories where most gunfights in Battle Royale take place.

UNDERBARREL: Bruen Heavy Support Grip (unlocked by leveling the Striker SMG to Level 8)

The SOA Subverter’s recoil will also be mitigated through the use of the Bruen Heavy Support Grip – an attachment which ensures overall horizontal recoil control and firing aim stability. The grip also does not employ any sprint-to-fire penalties, adding further to the mobility and handling that the platform provides.

MAGAZINE: 50 Round Drum (unlocked at Level 4)

While the magazine reload time may be slow, the 50 round magazine rewards the SOA Subverter user with a generous amount of 7.62mm ammunition to expend on various targets in the close-to-mid range area. Use the heavy firepower of this ammunition caliber to ensure faster armor breaking times as well as quick kills for unarmored targets!

OPTIC: JAK Glassless Optic (unlocked via the Arsenal Store)

Undoubtedly a favorite of Warzone PC users since its introduction in Season 2, the JAK Glassless Option allows for precise target acquisition and a cleaner sight picture with minimal visual recoil.


OPTIC: Cronen INTLAS MSP-12 (unlocked at Arsenal Store)

This clean and precise sight allows for reduced hipfire spreads and ADS times, as well as better aiming stability. While it blocks the laser attachment, it already offers a clean and precise aiming and targeting – perfect for close range engagements.

These attachments will help you make the most of a current favorite battle rifle that balances mobility, firepower, and ease of use in one package.