Timado Replaces Yuragi In OG For DreamLeague Season 22

Peruvian Carry player Timado will play for OG Esports in the million-dollar DreamLeague Season 22 tournament. He will take... Owen | 22. February 2024

Peruvian Carry player Timado will play for OG Esports in the million-dollar DreamLeague Season 22 tournament. He will take Yuragi’s spot in the team. 

Yuragi’s Benching

Earlier this week, OG Esports announced the benching of their long-time Carry player Artem “Yuragi” Golubiev. Together with OG, Yuragi won ESL One Malaysia 2022 and the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022. 

In recent times, Yuragi has been seen underperforming in his matches. The squad failed to qualify for ESL One Birmingham after losing to Tundra Esports in the Grand Final of the qualifier. It looks like BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 was the last straw for Yuragi, as OG finished in a disappointing last place in their Group Stage exit. 

Timado To Replace

The two-time TI-winning organization announced on their social networks that Enzo “Timado” Gianoli will be brought in ahead of the team’s next tournament, DreamLeague Season 22. There is no official announcement for a permanent signing yet, so DreamLeague will likely act as Timado’s trial period with his new team. 

OG’s new lineup (could be temporary):

  • Enzo “Timado” Gianoli
  • Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov
  • Adrián “Wisper” Dobles
  • Matthew “Ari” Walker
  • Sébastien “Ceb” Debs 

Timado played for TSM and Tundra Esports up until 2023, where he got his spot taken by Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko. Since his removal from Tundra Esports, Timado has not played in a team from the start of 2024. He will be able to prove himself in the European region, as he’s played in North America for the past few years. 

Though the Peruvian player has yet to achieve much in his Dota 2 career, he has been around the professional scene for eight years and is rich in LAN experience. He will be an essential asset to OG and can bring in new and fresh ideas from his time playing in North America. 

Timado will rejoin his former teammate at TSM, Matthew “Ari” Walker, in the OG roster. Together, the two players finished second at BetBoom DACHA 2023 and qualified for The International 12. There is a decent chance that Ari was responsible for getting Timado connected with the team in the first place. 

Future With OG?

If Timado meets the team’s expectations in his debut tournament with OG, we could easily see Timado become a starter in the OG lineup. The organization is known for trusting the process and working with players for a long time, hoping to build chemistry and have it pay off. OG is not afraid to go through thick and thin, as seen with previous iterations of the team’s rosters. 

OG looks to get as much practice in with Timado as possible before the start of DreamLeague Season 22, which is the team’s first gig. The tournament boasts a prize pool of $1,000,000 and 16 teams. Matches will be played online, and teams will not only be rewarded with prize money but also EPT points which will be crucial for OG’s participation in future S-Tier tournaments.