Riot opens airport hub for League and VALORANT fans

There’s nothing worse than long waits at the airport, especially when you can’t play your favorite games. But that’s... Fragster | 6. December 2022

There’s nothing worse than long waits at the airport, especially when you can’t play your favorite games. But that’s over now, at least in South Korea, where a VALORANT and League of legends gaming hub has been set up at Incheon International Airport.

Luckily for all gamers traveling via South Korea’s Incheon International Airport, there’s a new way to pass the time and get your heart rate up at the same time. A new Riot Games hub at Incheon Airport allows all travelers to play League of Legends or VALORANT while waiting for their flight.

The gaming lounge set up by Riot Games has been making rounds on social media after Gerald Lee first tweeted about it on December 5.

What’s special about Riot’s airport gaming hub? 

Riot Games’ gaming booth at Incheon Airport houses an array of captivating League of Legends and Valorant artwork and furniture. The state-of-the-art hub features a slew of amazing artwork, including two life-size statues of League Champion Ahri and VALORANT Agent Jett. Travelers can also take part in fun little challenges like aim training in VALORANT, with the hub staff giving away free loot and prizes.

There’s also a lot of local artwork surrounding the booth, bringing fresh and native perspectives to Riot’s big titles. And, of course, photo booths and a range of PCs to play League of Legends and Valorant on.

In the video snippet posted by Gerald Lee, the hub also features characters from League like Braum, Lux, and Evelynn.



Next big step for Riot in order to get exposure for its titles

According to a report by Korea JoongAng Daily, the gaming hub is a result of the agreement that Riot Games Korea has signed with Incheon International Airport Corporation in order to create a unique gaming experience zone for travelers. The exhibit is reportedly aimed at both League of Legends and Valorant fans, as well as those less familiar with Riot Games’ gaming culture and titles.

The aptly named “Riot Games Experience Zone” opened back in October. While the responses are hilarious about how North Americans now don’t even have to leave the airport to attend international league events in Korea, this is another big step by Riot to get more exposure for its titles. 

Incheon International Airport is the busiest airport in South Korea with over 130 destinations and millions of passengers per year.

Credit: Riot Games