Shubh | 9. June 2022

Boombl4 accused of drug use by his former wife

Lika ‘LiQueen’ Mikhailova, the former wife of ex Natus Vincere player Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov, has accused him of drug use and posted a video seemingly showing Boombl4 consuming what she claimed to be mephedrone. Boombl4 responded, saying he has been blackmailed with “various photos/videos.”

Boombl4, the previous in-game captain for Natus Vincere’s CS: GO team, was accused of being a “drug addict” by his wife LiQueen. She shared a video of Boombl4 seemingly taking mephedrone, a psychoactive white substance that has effects comparable to cocaine. She uploaded videos and photos to her Telegram channel shortly before announcing her divorce from Boombl4.

Boombl4’s response to the allegations

As a response, Boombl4 released a video apologizing for the incident to his fans on Telegram. Another post appeared on Twitter, claiming he was blackmailed. In his statement, Boombl4 said that “various photos/videos and also a huge amount of fake information” have been used to blackmail him.  He will be also reportedly filing libel suits.

Although the events might be disheartening for CS:GO and NAVI fans, BoomBl4 isn’t the only NAVI player that has been embroiled in controversy. Another NAVI player, Denis “electroNic” Sharipov, was criticized on social media after his wife Daria Sharipova liked a post by known Russian singer Nikolai Baskov, who defended the actions of the Russian military by saying: “Russia doesn’t start wars, it ends them”.

Divorce after five months

Boombl4 proposed to LiQueen in November 2021 during the live broadcasts of the PGL Stockholm Major tournament, which drew the attention of the CS:GO community. After five months of marriage, LiQueen and Boombl4 have both acknowledged they are going through a divorce. Boombl4 commented on the divorce:

“We are finally getting a divorce because Lika just has something strange with her head. I would like to apologize for everything that was thrown on social media. I was ashamed of all this, but, unfortunately, I could not control it. I understand everything perfectly. I’ll make a post later about everything that happened. Nothing more to say. It’s just a facepalm.”

Since the Russian-Ukraine crisis rose up, the couple has been a source of contention. LiQueen shared photos of herself with a Russian flag painted on her cheek on the internet, which which resulted in a backlash from the gaming community followed by Boombl4’s removal from the NAVI roster. He was cut from the team on May 28, just days after NAVI lost to FaZe Clan in the PGL Antwerp Major Grand Final. According to the organization’s official statement, his dismissal was based on “high reputational risk.”

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