R6 NAL: Last Three Match-Days Coming Up!

On three separate match-days, teams like TSM and Spacestation will get a chance to catch up on the leaderboard.... Fabio | 20. April 2021

On three separate match-days, teams like TSM and Spacestation will get a chance to catch up on the leaderboard. So far, Oxygen, DarkZero, and Soniqs have been clutching onto the top spots, but for how long?

In recent days, many favorites were shocked by insane upsets. XSET and Disrupt Gaming both beat DarkZero into the ground, handing DZ their first two losses of the season. Oxygen managed to beat TSM and SSG. The latter are now dangling in second-to-last place, whereas Susquehanna Soniqs pulled off wins against TSM and Oxygen. The team is definitely one of the surprise performers of Stage 1. On third place, they are miles ahead of some of the favorites. Their upcoming duels are also looking really promising.


The team has already survived the majority of its difficult matches. With the exception of DarkZero Esports, they have defeated the former Top 4, which explains their high score. Mirage, beastcoast, and XSET shouldn’t be much of a challenge, now that they’ve already performed this well against Oxygen, TSM, and SSG. In theory, they should be getting enough points to actually surpass Oxygen and DarkZero as well!

Even better is the fact that DarkZero have only got two more matches left to play. These last two match-days, they will be going up against TSM and Oxygen, which further decreases their chances of actually placing in front of Soniqs. OXG will also only play two more games, but at least they’ll face beastcoast in one of them. In an ideal scenario, Susquehanna Soniqs should manage to surpass both favorites for a first-place finish. This would definitely be a worthy conclusion to an already astonishing Stage 1 run.


Team SoloMid may be in a relatively comfortable fourth place, but this isn’t a worthy spot for the former NAL winners. The lineup’s star players fail to perform, and there is little left from last year’s dominant display. Spacestation Gaming have been hit even harder, but at least they’re in a situation not unlike Soniqs’. They have already gotten through their most challenging matches and are only going up against beastcoast, XSET, and Mirage now.

So far, the middle of the pack hasn’t really shown that they’re able to make a dash for the top. Mirage, Disrupt, and beastcoast live somewhere between recording losses and mounting upsets, but they’re unable to consistently and reliably perform against the top teams. The last three match-days will take place consecutively, which means that the players will barely get a break in between. On April 22, the teams will decide on who gets to climb the top spots of NAL.