Players can create their own roadblocks in CS2

Every time Valve releases an update to the CS2 closed beta; we notice that new features undoubtedly increase the... Eduardo | 2. July 2023

Every time Valve releases an update to the CS2 closed beta; we notice that new features undoubtedly increase the hype for the new game’s release. In one of the latest updates, specifically from last June 29, players can access two new maps, Office and Nuke.

Office is where we have seen the most changes in the physics and layout of the map, so players have been finding different ways to block roads and, surprisingly, create barricades with vending machines.

Players can interact with objects

Over the years, Valve’s shooter (Counter-Strike) has had a myriad of changes in terms of many game features. Call it weapons, maps, or game mechanics; Valve has always been at the forefront of improving and updating content.

One of the features that we never observed in CS:GO was the ability to interact with objects, that is, being able to move barrels or boxes around the map, all this to create some barricades to help them at the time of battles.

However, the arrival of CS2 seems to bring the possibility of making these movements to objects, that is, boxes, barrels, or objects in general, may recover “part of their physics.”

We are talking specifically about the vending machine found in Office, which was added to CS2 last June 29 in the game’s closed beta. Just a few hours later, players discovered that moving them and making barricades with them was possible.

The community approves this mechanic

As we can see, CS enthusiast Gabe Follower posted a video on his Twitter account where you can literally move the vending machines in Office to form some barricades in the corridors of the map. Also, it’s worth noting that this is possible with a gun like the one being used, as the number of bullets and firepower should be high.

Many community members are satisfied with this new game mechanic and fully approve of it.

Like this, many more comments are positive regarding this new game mechanic, as it is something that in CS:GO was completely impossible.

Others call it a “cool” mechanic, but they hope Valve won’t patch it, although they doubt it.

While it is true that the community completely approves of this type of mechanic, the reality is that it can’t be applied to competitive maps.

Finally, after observing this in Office, the community is waiting to see what will happen in the rest of the maps. Many are wondering what other objects can be interacted with in the game’s maps, something that we will only know when Valve decides to launch the game globally sometime in the summer of 2023.

Header: Valve