Radu M. | 20. November 2022

Six Jönköping Major 2022 preview and favorites

Six Jönköping Major is one of the biggest Rainbow Six Siege tournaments of the season. It offers $500.000 in prizes and brings together 16 of the world’s best R6 teams.

If you’re a fan of this esport, this is an unmissable event. Some of the participants, such as BDS, and FaZe Clan, are famous for their prowess, and the plays they will make are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Six Jönköping Major details

Six Jönköping Major is scheduled to take place between November 21-27 at Elmia Congress Center. The organizer is Ubisoft, so everyone expects a high quality production.

The prize pool of the tournament will be distributed among the 16 teams. But the top four teams will get most of the money.

  • First place: $200.000
  • Second place: $80.000
  • Third-fourth place: $40.000

The participants will also receive Six Invitational Global Points, proportional to their results.

The competitive format of Six Jönköping Major consists of two stages: groups and playoffs.

In the group stage, the 16 teams will be divided into four groups of four, one team from each region. Every match is best-of-one. The group format is Double Round Robin. The best two teams from each group advance to the playoffs.

In the playoffs, the participants compete in a single-elimination format and every match is best-of-three, apart from the Grand Final, which is a best-of-five series.


The 16 teams that will take part in Six Jönköping Major come from five leagues:

  • European League
  • North American League
  • Copa Elite Six
  • APAC League North
  • APAC League South

From each of these leagues, only the best teams have been selected. Unfortunately for Rogue and Natus Vincere, they missed this Major because of tiny errors that cost them one vital point.

In Na’Vi’s case, the team failed to qualify even though it had the same number of points as Heroic (16). Rogue finished with 15, despite being the winners of Six Berlin Major 2022. Something similar happened to XSET, who finished third-fourth at Six Berlin and then managed to place just eighth in the North American League (in Stage 3).

The favorites of the tournament seem to be Wolves Esports, Team BDS, TSM, Soniqs, FaZe Clan, and w7m esports. The complete list of participants looks like this:

  • Wolves Esports
  • Team BDS
  • MNM Gaming
  • Heroic
  • TSM
  • Soniqs
  • Spacestation Gaming
  • Mirage
  • w7m esports
  • Team Liquid
  • FaZe Clan
  • Black Dragons e-Sports
  • CYCLOPS athlete gaming
  • SANDBOX Gaming
  • Dire Wolves
  • FURY

The most likely finalists are TSM and FaZe Clan.

Header: Ubisoft