Sumail leaves Team Aster

Sumail joined Team Aster six months ago, on a loan from Nigma Galaxy. The team’s objective was to qualify... Radu M. | 11. November 2023

Sumail joined Team Aster six months ago, on a loan from Nigma Galaxy. The team’s objective was to qualify for The International and accomplish something significant. In 2022, Aster finished the tournament in 4th place, and they were probably hoping to repeat this performance in 2023.

Unfortunately for them, things did not go as planned. Aster had decent results, finishing in the top eight at ESL One Berlin Major, DreamLeague S20, and Riyadh Masters. Locally, they did great during the DPC Tours: 2nd place, 4th place, and 3rd place. But in the regional qualifiers, they were eliminated by an outsider named Team Bright.

This was a devastating loss that marked the beginning of the end for Aster. Just several months later, they have now decided to release the entire squad and simply sign relatively unknown players in the hope that they will perform well enough to be worth their salaries.

About Sumail

Sumail was one of Dota 2’s prodigies. He’s 24 now but we’ve been following his career for eight years. At 16, he won The International with Evil Geniuses and became a millionaire almost overnight.

He then went on to compete for a number of great teams, including Quincy Crew, Team Liquid, OG, Team Secret, Nigma Galaxy, and Team Aster.

For the most part, the results were mediocre. The best placement he got at TI with a team other than Evil Geniuses was 7th – 8th. This happened in 2021 while he was playing for OG. That was the year when Ceb and N0tail decided to stop competing professionally. Ceb eventually came back, probably haunted by the thrill provided by Dota 2. N0tail did not.

For Sumail, who has been drifting from organization to organization, the game holds a special place in his heart. And as he said himself, he loves competing. So far, he’s made more than $4 million just from tournaments alone. So he could easily retire and live a comfortable life. But he wants more.

Nigma Galaxy is a team led by KuroKy, which should make him very happy. But the problem is that Nigma has been failing a lot since it was founded. After Kuro left Team Liquid, something happened and he no longer managed to win anything. What’s worse, his team is barely in the top 10 in Western Europe, which is not good at all.

We’ll see what happens next. For now, Sumail is back to being a Nigma player.

Header: Saudi Esports Federation