LCS Spring 2023 group stage results

The group stage of LCS Spring 2023 is finally over and the results are very surprising given how things... Radu M. | 18. March 2023

The group stage of LCS Spring 2023 is finally over and the results are very surprising given how things went in the first five weeks of the competition. 100 Thieves finished with five consecutive wins while Cloud9 managed to steal FlyQuest’s number-one spot.

What is really strange is that TSM and Team Liquid did not get a top-six result, even though they seemed fully capable of it in the first half. Overall, the group stage results are surprising and quite a few teams vastly improved their play style over the course of the eight weeks.

Complete results

The rankings table looks like a normal distribution curve. There are two teams at the top, whose results are vastly better than everyone else’s: Cloud9 (14 W – 4 L) and FlyQuest (14 W – 4 L).

At the bottom of the table, Dignitas (3 W – 15 L) and Immortals (4 W – 14 L) played a lot worse than everyone else.

And in the middle we have a lot of teams whose records start at 8 W – 10 L and end at 10 W – 8 L. There are six such teams in total and three of them finished with 10 wins and 8 losses.

The interesting results

100 Thieves were looking terrible several weeks ago. Their record was 5 W – 8 L and it seemed that the project was a complete failure. Bringing in Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng and Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg must have cost a lot of money but the results were far worse than anticipated.

But after the last two weeks, 100 Thieves proved that they have the potential to do much better than they did in the group stage of LCS Spring 2023. If they could start the Summer split with five consecutive victories, that would be absolutely amazing.

Cloud9 could have won the race. But after winning seven consecutive matches, they lost the eight and finished with the exact same record as FlyQuest. Counter Logic Gaming put an end to their superb winning streak and guaranteed a good position for themselves.

However, based on what C9 showed us in the last three weeks, it’s hard not to regard them as the strongest competitor in North America. Even FlyQuest cannot stand up to them when they play their usual game. Jesper “Sven” Svenningsen and his crew have found a successful formula with this very interesting roster.

Two players are from South Korea, which definitely helps, he’s from Denmark, and the rest of the squad is from Australia and the USA. So far, things seem to be working well.

Header: Cloud9