MLBB: World champion roamer Yawi leaves ECHO

MLBB fans around the world were stunned when ECHO dropped a video late Monday night announcing the departure of... Paolo | 30. January 2024

MLBB fans around the world were stunned when ECHO dropped a video late Monday night announcing the departure of Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera from the competitive scene.

“I-I-Idolo” thanked ECHO in the short video, expressing his gratitude for the team he became part of for three years in his MLBB pro career.

“To Coach Tictac (Archie Reyes) and Coach Trebor (Robert Sanchez), thank you for accepting me and believing in what I am capable of,” Yawi said.

He also thanked ECHO management, led by Ms. Mitch Liwanag, and the members of the ECHO main roster and its developmental team, ECHO Proud.

“I’m very excited for the next opportunity for me and for sure, I’ll be bringing all the things learned here at ECHO so don’t be sad, guys,” he said, teasing a potential new team, with social media reports widely speculating his transfer to AURA Fire – an Indonesian team loosely allied with ECHO.

Yawi had been instrumental in ECHO’s meteoric rise to the top of the world – with his signature moves and entrances – as well as prowess in using heroes such as Chou, Khufra and Kaja – proving to be the difference maker in ECHO’s successful M4 World Championship run in 2023.

The 22-year-old Pinoy roamer also took part in their successful MPL Philippines Season 11 win, but by Season 12 – he was sidelined.

Filipino news outlet SPIN.ph reported in October that the real reason Yawi was sidelined was because their then-sixth man, Jaypee Dela Cruz, had a better fit for the team’s playstyle.

“Its not that Jaypee can do things Yawi cannot, because Yawi can do things Jaypee cannot. Jaypee was the better fit for us,” ECHO gold laner Benedict “Bennyqt” Gonzales said in the local vernacular.

SPIN also reported that during the time Yawi was sidelined, he was not fined, suspended, or penalized. Both Yawi himself and Ms. Liwanag denied any and all speculations, as well as denied social media outcry for picking Jaypee because he was Liwanag’s husband.


Since he started going pro, Yawi has long been associated with Nexplay EVOS, with whom he met and played with his close friends, Renejay Barcarse (now with Blacklist International), John Paul “H2WO” Salonga (last played for RSG Philippines) and Nazer “Dogie” Mollazehi.

He helped Nexplay gain a 4th place finish in MPL Philippines Season 9 – the highest so far in team history.

Soon after, Yawi joined ECHO – where he gained prominence and recognition, helping the team solidify is moniker of the “ECHO Express” and being the “House of Highlights.”

After a 5th-6th place showing in Season 9, ECHO became the runner-up of MPL Philippines Season 10, and Yawi was part of the MPL Philippines Season 11 championship squad.