Knights will attend the Lima Major despite cheating allegations

The Chinese Dota 2 team Knights, recently accused of cheating, have qualified for the upcoming Lima Major. Valve’s investigations are... Fragster | 1. February 2023

The Chinese Dota 2 team Knights, recently accused of cheating, have qualified for the upcoming Lima Major. Valve’s investigations are still ongoing, but so far have come to no conclusion regarding the alleged misconduct. In addition, PSG.LGD have also qualified for the Dota 2 Major in Peru.

At the Dota Pro Circuit 2023 in China, a few interesting teams were able to secure places at the Lima Major. PSG.LGD and Team Aster have carved out their Major spots, as has Team Knights, who have been in the headlines lately. Knights were accused of using maphacks earlier this year after a caster spotted some suspicious movements. Despite this, the team qualified for the Lima Major.

Did the Knights cheat?

The Knights’ tremendous accuracy in blocking wards and suspicious movements around the map has caused both excitement and suspicion. As a result of the allegations, the organizer of the Chinese DPC Perfect World prepared an investigation report and sent it to Valve. So far there are no results from the investigation, but the team’s qualifications could put the developer in a tight spot. If it is found out that the Knights cheated, players will most likely be blocked from all Valve events and it would be a pretty certain end to their careers.

PSG.LGD qualified for Lima Major

Meanwhile, PSG.LGD had an impressive run that was almost surprising as the team played without two of their players. Without Ame and Faith_Bian, the Dota 2 community didn’t know what to think of PSG. LGD should expect, but the season went quite well for the organization.

After the disappointing result at The International 2022, the organization lost two star players: Wang “Ame” Chunyu took a break from the competitions and Dota, while Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida decided to retire completely and turn his back on the scene. The community was skeptical that the new line-up would manage without the two players. So far they’ve done well, but ultimately it’s probably too early to make a definitive judgement. The Lima Major will be the true touchstone for the Chinese powerhouse.

The DPC CN 2023 Tour 1 Division 1 will take place from January 5 to February 3 with eight local teams participating. The prize money for the competition is $205,000.

The Major in Lima

The Lima Major will be held from February 22 to March 5 and will take place in Lima, Peru with a prize pool of $500,000. At the moment, the situation in Peru is a bit shaky, because there is political unrest, now also in Lima itself and not only in the provinces. As a result, the tournament organizers recently announced that they have a plan B in place in case there are any issues that could jeopardize the event. Exactly what this plan B looks like is not yet known, but fans shouldn’t worry because everything seems to be done to ensure that the Dota 2 event runs smoothly.

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