KennyS says that FACEIT is better than Valve’s official CS2 servers

With the imminent arrival of CS2 and the launch of FACEIT CS2 Limited Access, many eligible players have tested... Eduardo | 8. September 2023

With the imminent arrival of CS2 and the launch of FACEIT CS2 Limited Access, many eligible players have tested the FACEIT servers and, more importantly, given their verdict on it.

One of these players who already tested the FACEIT servers was French legend Kenny “kennyS” Schrub, who stated that the game “works” much better on the external platform than on Valve’s own servers.

It is no secret that since Valve extended access to the CS2 limited test on August 31, many players have complained about the lag spike on the servers. In addition, they have also complained that the shots do not hit where they “should” and the AK-47 is “broken.”

KennyS gives his verdict after playing CS2 on FACEIT servers

As we know, FACEIT launched its own MM servers for CS2 last September 7, 2023, where Level 9 and 10 players who have accumulated at least 1000 games can test them. Now, kennyS, one of the Counter-Strike legends, was among the first to test FACEIT’s CS2 servers and gave his verdict.

The French AWPer legend said that on the FACEIT servers, the game performance improved, he could make some different gestures with the AWP, the guns were “accurate,” and he could make sprays with the rifles.

Similarly, kennyS has repeatedly stated that CS2 is not what he expected, as he now considers it worse than CS:GO. However, the fact that AWPer himself mentions that the game runs much better on FACEIT servers gives us internal relief. Similarly; he also suggested that this is not his final verdict, as according to kennyS, it could be a “placebo”.

Valve tries to improve in CS2

There is no doubt that Valve is trying every day to improve the competitive matchmaking (MM) experience of CS2 to retain players on its official servers. The arrival of the Premier mode, the regional rankings, and the new ranking system make the experience much better.

Now that Valve’s MM has a quality jump is nothing but a serious threat to platforms like FACEIT, ESEA, and others, but if these keep their servers just like CS:GO, we will most likely see a migration of players.

Not much is known about what Valve is implementing on their CS2 servers since they first said they would keep the 64-tick servers. However, they made many updates to mechanics and gameplay that undoubtedly improved the game.

After the French legend commented on his experience in FACEIT servers, players thought the platform used 128 ticks servers. Likewise, FACEIT has not given an official statement with the details of its servers, so we will be attentive to any news.

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