£3.6 Million Sponsorship Deal Announced by Guild Esports

We recently brought you the news that high-profile Guild Esports investor David Beckham would be guaranteed to make some... Pablo | 23. October 2020

We recently brought you the news that high-profile Guild Esports investor David Beckham would be guaranteed to make some $20 million over the next five years, with updates surrounding the organization now coming quick and fast. Guild have now announced that they have agreed a sponsorship deal worth some £3.6 million, although the other party currently remains unknown.

With Guild Esports having made the decision to list on the London Stock Exchange in an attempt to raise funds, the organization has had to reveal details of their new sponsorship deal. However, mystery still surrounds the announcement, with little being known about the donors.

Who Is the Mystery Fintech Company?

However, it is known that the deal involves a “new European fintech company serving esports fans”, with the official unveiling set to come at a global event held by Guild Esports on November 22. Details surrounding the deal were announced by the London Stock Exchange, who stated that:

“Under the terms of the agreement, the sponsor will pay a guaranteed annual fee of £1.1m in the first year, £1.2m in the second year and £1.3m in the third year, aggregating to £3.6m over the three-year period. The deal will enable the sponsor to promote its brand and logo through placement on team jerseys, streaming of game-play provided by Guild and its team players, as well as other marketing initiatives.”

Speculation has already begun, with some suggesting that a bank could be collaborating with Guild Esports, while betting organizations have also been put forward. However, the truth is that “fintech” could really be anything. With Guild Esports looking to compete in CS:GO, along with FIFA, Rocket League and Fortnite, the additional £3 million will certainly come in handy, with CS:GO in particular being hugely expensive to break into.

What Guild Esports Have Had to Say on the Deal

Guild Executive Chairman Carleton Curtis had his say on the agreement too, saying:

“We are delighted to announce our first major sponsorship deal, which will generate significant revenues for the company. The rapidly growing mass popularity of esports is attracting considerable interest from advertisers and consumer brands, which has generated a strong pipeline of potential business for Guild. We look forward to working closely with our maiden sponsor to introduce their brand to our fans.”

The additional income could well be put towards adding more players to their rosters, with even more sponsorship deals being expected in the coming months, as Guild look to make a major impact in the esports industry.