Is streaming behind Dota 2’s downfall in China?

As the years go by, new content creators are emerging in the different esports that, in many opportunities, eclipse... Eduardo | 4. March 2023

As the years go by, new content creators are emerging in the different esports that, in many opportunities, eclipse the official competitions or the level of a region. Many players prefer to dedicate themselves to content creation, which generates more money than playing in the competitive scene.

In the competitive Dota 2 scene in China, we have noticed how there has been a decline in recent years. While it may be reasons of interest, the various accusations of cheating by some Chinese teams in the DPC or other situations, one of the most veteran players in the scene, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov, captain of Team Secret, has given his opinion about it.

Puppey believes that content creation is behind the downfall of the Chinese scene

As we mentioned, Puppey, a 32-year veteran and current captain of Team Secret, has said in a broadcast why he believes the Chinese scene has been in freefall in recent years.

In a broadcast of the Dota 2 Lima Major that is currently underway, Puppey, a commentator on the GORGC channel, said that China’s disappointing results in recent times are due to the popularity of content creation as a profession in the region. Puppey stresses that this trend has led to talented Dota 2 players preferring to stream rather than play professionally. This undoubtedly affects the region’s competitive level nationally and internationally.

Puppey said:

“I think all Chinese Dota 2 players dream of streaming. But, unfortunately, they earn 20 times more in China than we do from streaming.”

One of the clearest examples Puppey mentioned was Jiang “YYF” Cen. This player won The International 2012 and retired in 2014. Since then, YYF has been one of China’s highest-earning Dota 2 streamers. According to Puppey, this retired player, now a streamer, earns $15,000,000 yearly.

Streamers need the Dota 2 competitive scene to be healthy

Undoubtedly, this is critical to the success of Dota 2 streamers. Fans won’t access this content if the game isn’t doing well. That’s exactly what Puppey thinks of this situation. For the veteran claims that the fact that many players are abandoning competitive Dota 2 is not all bad for the scene. For streaming to surpass the professional scene in terms of revenue and fan base, there must be a healthy Dota 2 at the professional level.

On the other hand, Puppey also mentioned that people who say Dota 2’s popularity has decreased in China because of different games are entirely wrong.

“If a guy can stream and make millions of dollars a year, they have a good scene.”

Undoubtedly, the departure of top talent from China’s competitive Dota 2 scene has caused the level to drop considerably. Moreover, with how popular the content creator profession is becoming daily, it is improbable that this situation can be changed shortly.

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