Aphromoo retires from LoL competitive scene

Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, one of the few old-school players in the League of Legends competitive scene, ends a long... Eduardo | 26. January 2023

Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, one of the few old-school players in the League of Legends competitive scene, ends a long career. Highlights in his track record include victories at LCS NA Summer 2015, LCS NA Spring 2016, and an MSI final.

The veteran professional player hung up the mouse at the age of 30. The two-time LCS champion and former league MVP said he is parting ways with competitive League of Legends after a 10-year career in the top tier of esports.

The player said goodbye saying:

“It’s time to close the page, thank you all!”

About Aphromoo

Aphromoo first appeared in the LCS when the league launched in 2013, meaning he is arguably a founding league member. Since then, he has played in virtually every championship uninterruptedly. The player was a member of the squads of Counter Logic Gaming (for four years), 100 Thieves, Dignitas, and FlyQuest, where he finished his career.

Aphromoo became the oldest player in the North American League of Legends league. In addition, in his last game, he became the player with the most games played in the history of the LCS, surpassing veteran Jason “WildTurtle” Tran. The American player finished his career with 597 games played over nearly ten years.

In his retirement announcement video, Aphromoo said:

“I wish I could continue, but I think the time has come. My body and my mind are telling me ‘it’s time.’ I’m done. I can walk away proud of what I’ve done in League of Legends, and you know, I’ve had a good time. I’ve had a good time.”

Aphromoo’s future

After announcing his retirement from the competitive League of Legends scene, the 30-year-old plans to pursue content creation. Aphromoo says he wants to do streaming with “a more relaxed schedule,” He said he will “do it when it’s more comfortable for him.”

It is almost ten years that this player has been professionally dedicated to League of Legends. And this led him to decide he wanted to spend more time outside the game, such as working on his car and spending time with his family.

We do not doubt that Aphromoo deserves a rest from the competitive scene. He debuted in the LCS at 20 and is now retiring at 30. However, he dedicated practically his entire youth to this esports, and if it is decided to create an LCS hall of fame at some point, there is no doubt that this player should be the first to be inducted.

In recent days, we have observed how different esports legends, regardless of the video game they play, have decided to put an end to their careers to dedicate themselves to content creation. This, undoubtedly, makes them see video games differently. It will no longer be their job but a form of entertainment.

In addition, gamers want to spend much more time with their families and friends to compensate for the time “lost” due to their exclusive dedication to esports. Finally, we wish Aphromoo the best of success in the future and thank them for making us enjoy the LCS for a decade.

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