Galaxy Racer reveals HER Galaxy Tournament Series in Apex and Rocket League

The gaming and esports organization Galaxy Racer has announced a new project to promote more equality in esports: HER... Maria | 16. March 2023

The gaming and esports organization Galaxy Racer has announced a new project to promote more equality in esports: HER Galaxy. This new project seeks to provide competitive opportunities to players who recognize themselves as women; through a series of tournaments in different esports.

According to recent studies, women rarely participate in professional esports. More specifically, only 5% of professional gamers are women, and although more than half of the women are video game consumers, these women are 18 to 29 years old.

Changes in esports

The program, created by Galaxy Racer, seeks to change this massive gap in female representation in esports. The main objective of HER Galaxy is to create new opportunities for the underrepresented genders in the industry and to provide a safe and inclusive environment.

A study has revealed that 1 in 4 women have experienced harassment from other gamers, leading them to quit video games. However, HER Galaxy aims to create safe spaces and be able to change these situations.

At the same time, HER Galaxy seeks to give notoriety to women’s tournaments, generating better prizes with great sponsorships and, in this way, driving a positive change in esports.

Galaxy Racer’s Vice President of Partnerships, Megan Holgate, comments that they are focused on supporting all those players who recognize themselves as women and accompanying them in their transition from amateurs to professionals.

She assures that the HER Galaxy tournament is the first step to achieve this, an initiative where large organizations will be present. These can provide a great network of contacts for professional esports players looking for an opportunity.

On the other hand, one of the HER Galaxy ambassadors, Reddysh, has commented her excitement and happiness with this initiative. She believes HER Galaxy will allow many girls to get started in esports. Likewise, she encourages all those girls to take the next step to enter the world of competition.

About HER Galaxy

HER Galaxy is based on seven events that make up the tournament series; these events will have a prize pool of $ 250k.


The HER Galaxy events will take place over seven months.

The Charity Creator Cup will be held in March to start the HER Galaxy. Then the following month, the Apex Legends Open Qualifier Split 1 is ready.

The Apex Legends events continue in May and June. Where the Open Qualifier Split 2, and the finals will be held.

The Rocket League tournaments start in July. With the Open Qualifier 1 being held this month and Open Qualifier 2 in August.

In September, the Rocket League Grand Finals will be held to conclude this series of events.

All events will be streamed on Twitch by the official Galaxy Racer channel.

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