Community unhappy with Bali Major ticket prices

The Bali Major Tickets went on sale from May 24 onwards. However, the prices of tickets have seemed to... Jason | 25. May 2023

The Bali Major Tickets went on sale from May 24 onwards. However, the prices of tickets have seemed to upset the fans of Dota 2.

The Bali Major 2023, the last Dota 2 major event of the year, marks an incredible finale to the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2023 season. Featuring 18 world-class teams competing for a generous $500,000 prize pool, this event is a must-attend for passionate Dota 2 fans worldwide. Nevertheless, the steep cost of tickets has resulted in some fans expressing reservations about attending the event.

Bali Major tickets price

The Bali Major 2023 has garnered attention for its steep ticket prices, surpassing even International standards. Standard tickets are priced at US$388, while premium tickets cost US$888. This pricing has raised concerns, particularly when considering the minimum monthly wage in Jakarta, the wealthiest province in Indonesia, at 4.9 million Indonesian rupiahs ($327 USD)- as data by take-profit.org. When factoring in additional expenses like food, travel, and stays, the overall cost becomes prohibitive for the average Indonesian fan.

The ticket prices for the Bali Major 2023 surpass what even international fans from developed countries are typically willing to pay for similar events. To illustrate, consider The International 11 held in Singapore, which featured an enormous $18,865,624 prize pool and tickets priced at $361. It’s worth noting that Singapore’s monthly wage is $8,450. The disparity in ticket prices between the two events highlights the challenge faced by fans in affording the Bali Major tickets.

Fans’ reactions on social media over the high ticket price

Multiple Twitter users expressed their concerns regarding the ticket prices for the Bali Major. One user commented that the event seemed to exclude locals, as the cost of a regular ticket was twice the monthly wage in Bali. They decided to support the event remotely through Twitch.

Another user mentioned that the ticket price mentioned included a 15% tax and stated that they would not be attending the event but wished the teams and organizers the best of luck.

These reactions highlight the dissatisfaction among fans regarding the affordability of attending the Bali Major.

Bali Major ticket sales soar despite fans’ discontent

Despite the steep prices, the demand for Bali Major tickets was overwhelming. They were nearly sold out within minutes, causing temporary issues with the ticketing site. Io Esports, the organizer, revealed that all tickets were sold out within six hours of the sale launch.

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