VCT EMEA League Playoffs: Fnatic and Team Liquid show quality in UB semifinals

The VCT EMEA League playoffs continue, and, as always, we witnessed a great surprise in the Upper Bracket semifinals.... Eduardo | 25. May 2023

The VCT EMEA League playoffs continue, and, as always, we witnessed a great surprise in the Upper Bracket semifinals. Fnatic came through as favorites and defeated FÜT Esports 1-2. Team Liquid, however, delivered a blow to the table by crushing NaVi, another favorite in the tournament, 2-0.

As a result, Fnatic and Team Liquid have sealed their respective tickets to the Tokyo Masters. On the other hand, NaVi and FÜT Esports will also be playing for their lives in the Lower Bracket to get these tickets. Thanks to Fnatic’s victory in the VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paulo 2023, the EMEA region has one more place for the next Masters Tokyo.

Let’s see what happened in the semifinals of the VCT EMEA League.

Fnatic applied a reverse sweep to beat FÜT Esports

For the first time in the tournament, Fnatic found themselves on the ropes against an FÜT Esports that came inspired to this semifinal match. However, Team Black&Orange managed to apply a reverse sweep to qualify for the VCT EMEA Upper Bracket final.

The series was played in Bind (Fnatic), Split (FÜT), and Lotus (decider).


It all started in Bind, Fnatic’s map pick, where we witnessed a spectacular comeback by FÜT Esports to take an extraordinary 13-9 victory.

Fnatic had an extremely strong and aggressive start of the map on their attacking side, winning the first half with an overwhelming 8-4 partial score. However, when we all thought this would be a comfortable win for Fnatic, the Turks proved us wrong.

At the change of sides, FÜT Esports displayed a spectacular offensive against the VCT LOCK//IN champions and managed to win nine out of the ten rounds they played to take the victory by 13-9.


In Split, we witnessed an extremely different match regarding the final result. Fnatic again started very strong in the first half and took a crushing 10-2 partial victory.

Leo “Leo” Jannesson and Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev prevented the Turks from reacting in the second half, leading Fnatic to an extremely comfortable 13-2 victory.


Finally, Fnatic gave a spectacular beating to FÜT Esports in Lotus, respecting their status as favorites and undoubtedly avenging the comeback suffered in the first map of this series.

Fnatic started extremely strong on their attacking side in the decisive map winning the first half with a crushing 11-1 score. This time it was Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov who was at his best and led his team to victory.

Finally, by changing sides, Fnatic won the first two rounds to seal their crushing 13-1 victory and secure their ticket to the Tokyo Masters.

Team Liquid surprise and apply a clean sweep to NaVi

Team Liquid came into these Upper Bracket semifinals as the least favorite team to advance to the next phase. However, they managed to pull off a clean sweep against NaVi to secure their place in the next Tokyo Masters.

The series was played in Bind (Liquid) and Split (NaVi).


It all started in Bind, Team Liquid’s map pick, where we could enjoy a spectacular match; NaVi was ahead in the scoreboard during most of the map, but they couldn’t overcome Liquid’s defense.

NaVi started the map very strong in the first half on their defensive side with a partial victory by 8-4. However, as the sides switched sides, Team Liquid’s defense was virtually impenetrable and only allowed the NaVi boys to win three rounds. Finally, with a spectacular comeback, Team Liquid took the victory by 13-11.


Finally, in Split, we witnessed a match identical to the one these teams played in Bind.

Again, NaVi started with a great pace and level of play on their attacking side to take the partial victory by 8-4. It looked like NaVi could take the match to the third map. However, Team Liquid did not think the same as the rest and began to carve a second comeback for the second consecutive map by the hand of Saif “Sayf” Jibraeel.

In the end, Team Liquid took the victory by 13-10 to secure their place in the Upper Bracket final and, more importantly, with their ticket to the Tokyo Masters already acquired.

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