According to the leak, Counter-Strike 2 is getting taunts

Counter-Strike 2 is said to get revised maps, better tick rates, and apparently also taunts. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has... Fragster | 6. April 2023

Counter-Strike 2 is said to get revised maps, better tick rates, and apparently also taunts. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been popular for over a decade thanks to its simplicity.

While mechanically demanding, CS:GO is straightforward in terms of gameplay objectives and content. But Counter-Strike 2 aims to change the game in more ways than one, including – it looks like – taunts. Hopefully, this doesn’t develop into a Fortnite knock-off or Team Fortress.

What are taunts in CS2?

Counter-Strike 2 is an improved version of CS:GO, based on a new engine and improving many of the gameplay aspects of the old game. FPS fans are already eagerly awaiting its release this summer, so leakers and data miners are trying to find out as much as possible until Valve CS2 finally presents itself to the world.

Trusted leaker Maksim “Gabe Follower” Poletayev found some files in the Counter-Strike 2 beta that hint at possible taunts for the new game. The files contain both a fully rendered 3rd person sequence and a schematic 1st person POV.

An animation features a counter-terrorist clapping and then raising his hands in victory. This animation seems pretty harmless. On the second taunt, the CT gestures as if slapping a butt in front of him while swimming.

It looks like these taunts may show up in Danger Zone Mode or in the endgame screens. Some fans have speculated that the taunts are used during the matchmaking screen or after a win. But Gabe isn’t entirely sure right now.

Just not a Fortnite knock-off

While some fans loved the idea of ​​taunts in Counter-Strike: 2, others were skeptical of the change. OGs worry that Counter-Strike 2 will be too close to Fortnite and some have even joked that players could get “unusual hats” like in Team Fortress 2. Even if some changes are needed in CS:GO, it is clear that the majority of players enjoy the game’s simplicity and seriousness.

What the taunts are all about remains a mystery for the time being. Until Valve confirms, we’ll have to keep puzzling and as soon as we know more, you’ll be the first to know!

Although the beta is only available to a very small number of players, it has already run into problems with cheaters. But don’t worry, Valve is working on it and has already uploaded an anti-cheat update, which, however, brought its own series of issuesWhat other players are complaining about is the “boring meta”.

They keep landing on Dust2 and it seems they’re getting enough of the map. Also, there just aren’t enough players in the beta and you keep meeting the same people. But with a little patience, some of these problems will soon be over and after all, a beta is also there to fix the last bugs.

Header: Valve