FaZe Clan hires 4 new creators after layoffs

Just a few days after announcing a massive layoff, FaZe Clan signs 4 new content creators. In a shocking... Paolo | 1. May 2024

Just a few days after announcing a massive layoff, FaZe Clan signs 4 new content creators.

In a shocking announcement, Lacy, Plaqueboymax, SilkySzn and Jasontheween have been welcome to FaZe mere days after people like Testy and others have been let go.





Lacy, Plaqueboy Max, SilkySzn and Jasontheween are now introduced as new members of the organization, based on tweets from the group hyping up their arrival.

Richard “FaZe Banks” Bengtson has said that this reboot of FaZe Clan is like a fresh start to the org, saying in a Tweet on X that the rebrand is a “second chance” and that one of the biggest issues hounding FaZe was having a unified “vision.”

“FaZe Clan is the next Nike,” Banks said, adding, “It will outlive any one person that wears the name. This is a very important story being told, a movie playing in real time.”

That movie seems to be a movie that will center on rebuilding, as FaZe Clan has been restructuring since 2023. In February of that year, 20% of its employees were laid off, and GameSquare started acquiring FaZe, which was completed by 2024.

Just last month, 110 employees and 16 creators were let go by FaZe – some of them were literally faces of the organization already.

Dexerto reported that the news of creator layoffs caught many by surprise, with some creators, such as Faxuty, “only finding out they were no longer part of FaZe through their Twitch chat.”

“Warzone star Kalei teared up during a live stream while discussing her removal from the group, revealing that she hadn’t made any money as part of FaZe and was sad with how things ended up, calling the situation “not fair,”” Dexerto said in its report.

Some reacted more reflectively of the situation and thanked FaZe for their support and for the memories made. Nio called his time in FaZe Clan and “honor” and thanked the company for giving him an opportunity to represent it.