A 15 Year Old Kid Is The Number 1 Ranked Player In Europe

Uprising talent Alan “Satanic” Galliamov has claimed rank 1 in the Dota 2 European leaderboards. He has overtaken top... Owen | 22. February 2024

Uprising talent Alan “Satanic” Galliamov has claimed rank 1 in the Dota 2 European leaderboards. He has overtaken top players, including watson, Quinn, and 23savage, but who is he?

Where Did Satanic Come From?

Galliamov is a teenager from Russia that has taken the Dota 2 community by storm. Since 2023, the young prodigy has been grinding his way to the top of the MMR leaderboards, playing the carry role, and slowly making a name for himself along the way. 

Many top players were starting to take note of Satanic, especially when he opens his in-game microphone to communicate with his teammates. What the players didn’t know was that Satanic is only 15 years old! The most popular Dota 2 streamer, Gorgc, added Satanic on Steam when he was around rank 150, giving the kid a little more exposure to the community. 

Near the end of 2023, Satanic made his way to the top 20 players in the region and hovered around rank 10-19 for a while. Remember that Europe is the most competitive leaderboard region, so competitive that North American and MENA players like Quinn would play on European servers, sacrificing their connections and playing on 90-100 ping. 

Just this week, Satanic finally broke through and dethroned watson, who has sat comfortably in the rank 1 position for years. Satanic has over 13,000 MMR, and being rank 1 in Europe essentially means he is the highest-ranked player in the world too.

Team Spirit Invests In Satanic

During his climb, Team Spirit manager Korb3n has already kept an eye on Satanic’s progress. During a live stream, Korb3n was spotted putting Satanic in his favorites, meaning he was pinned at the top of his friend’s list. 

With such potential, it would be foolish not to give the carry player a shot. So, Team Spirit signed Satanic and four other promising players into their academy team, Yellow Submarine. To recall, the ex-Team Spirit players played under Yellow Submarine before getting signed and winning The International 10. 

Sources mentioned that Satanic is looking to put some of his time into completing his studies before pursuing Dota full-time. Well, he is only 15, after all. The scary thing is Satanic is balancing school and Dota but has overtaken professional players who are grinding 10+ hours a day. Imagine what he can do if he pools all of his focus on improving. 

The Yellow Submarine squad has actively participated in Eastern European qualifiers against established teams, including Team Spirit, Virtus.Pro, and Klim Sani4. The young prodigies finished second at the DreamLeague Season 22 Qualifier and fourth at the ESL One Birmingham Qualifier. Though they could not qualify for any events, what they’re accomplishing is crazy, considering they’re a bunch of kids. 

What Is Satanic Playing In Pubs?

Satanic is enjoying three particular carry heroes:

  • Luna: 10 matches, 80% win rate
  • Faceless Void: 6 matches, 100% win rate
  • Slark: 6 matches, 83.3% win rate

He clearly understands the meta, as these are three heroes being picked the most by professional teams and players.

As expected, the 15-year-old has an insane 75% win rate in pubs in the past eight days, holding a record of 36-8.