What’s the recent drama around Sentinels star SicK about?

VALORANT player SicK has caused an uproar in the community for his erratic and extremely odd behavior on social... Fragster | 8. May 2023

VALORANT player SicK has caused an uproar in the community for his erratic and extremely odd behavior on social media. While fans are worried, former colleague ShaZam has defended the player, saying he is “not himself” at the moment and that he doesn’t usually act like that.

Yesterday, Sunday May 7th, Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan took to Twitter asking fans to ignore Hunter “SicK” Mims’ behavior, explaining that his former colleague “is not himself”.

Strange behavior causes concern

SicK, who is currently with the Sentinels, has been making lots of confusing and strange posts. In those tweets, he featured images of glass bongs and apparently also marijuana. The bong tweets were followed by political statements calling for the abolition of the government and other cryptic, incoherent things.

In a reply to an original tweet, he wrote: “The government must be abolished!!” After ShahZaM blocked SicK, SicK turned to Twitter and wrote addressed to him: “What is the problem? Don’t you understand the situation or what?!!!”

What is going on with SicK?

This suspicious behavior has raised a lot of concern in the community for the player and his mental health. Many fans have asked SicK via social media to get professional help. Other fans have urged him to simply delete his recent tweets.

SicK recently drew attention to himself with his unpredictable behavior. Just two months ago, he was arrested at a Ferrari dealership because he refused to leave the shop. The player was then charged with trespassing and went to jail. The Sentinels wanted to help their player, so they bailed him out for $5,000 and flew SicK’s sister over to him.

Mayhem at the Sentinels

After the scandal, SicK was suspended indefinitely by the Sentinels and the organization had to find a new player to replace him. The organization’s star player, TenZ, was benched from the line-up at the VCT Americas Split after suffering an injury.

Of course, the sixth man was supposed to step in as a backup, but since SicK was also unplayable, the Sentinels had to look elsewhere for a player. The organization included Marved in the team – but he didn’t get a visa to travel to the USA and therefore TenZ had to play despite his injury.

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