Team Liquid Eliminate Gaimin Gladiators from Elite League

Elite League ends tomorrow and even the best teams are starting to get eliminated. In a beautiful match that... Radu M. | 13. April 2024

Elite League ends tomorrow and even the best teams are starting to get eliminated. In a beautiful match that ended after just two games, Team Liquid managed once again to defeat their 2023 nemesis, Gaimin Gladiators.

Team Liquid vs. Gaimin Gladiators: 2 – 0

The match started with a battle between two diametrically opposed drafts. Liquid picked heroes like Templar Assassin, Leshrac, and Tiny, seeking to dominate the lanes and then snowball during the 10 and 20-minute marks.

Gladiators had a different plan. They picked Medusa, Razor, and Centaur, hoping to get to the ultra-late game. They eventually did, but their networth disadvantage was enormous. At the 28-minute mark, Liquid were almost 20.000 gold ahead. Everyone on Gladiators’ side died numerous times, which created a bad end-game scenario for them.

Medusa was the only farmed core for Quinn’s crew. His Razor had just 20.000 networth at the 40-minute mark, which was 10.000 less than Nisha’s Leshrac.

In game 2, Liquid picked an even more aggressive hero composition: Kunkka, Dark Willow, Monkey King, Oracle, and Keeper of the Light. Gladiators picked a Sniper but did not provide for him any kind of frontline that could keep enemies in place and force them to fight in a way that would allow their Sniper to deal damage.

The strategy crumbled very quickly and Liquid won the game in just 25 minutes. This success was the third consecutive one against Gladiators. It feels like we’re seeing the 2023 situation in reverse.

Xtreme Gaming vs. PSG Quest: 2 – 0

In the other lower bracket quarterfinal, Xtreme Gaming defeated Quest using a very interesting combination of heroes. They picked Weaver, Phoenix, and Storm Spirit as part of the same draft, and then went with Zeus and Sven in game 2.

Game 1 lasted 50 minutes and the fact that Xtreme Gaming won is very surprising because they had to play the late-game against a Morphling and a Windranger, two heroes that tend to become extremely hard to kill after the 30-minute mark if they have enough farm.

At the 40-minute mark, the two teams were even in gold. So Xtreme’s victory was clearly a result of their team fighting prowess.

In game 2, the battle took just 37 minutes because Zeus was able to stop a lot of key spells. Quest picked Bane and Enigma, two heroes that don’t like getting stunned in the middle of their ultimate. They also picked Naga Siren, whose illusions are much weaker against a hero like Zeus.

Header: Team Liquid