League of Legends dominates most-watched esports tournaments of April 2024: Esports Charts

3 out of the top 5 most-watched tournaments for April came from League of Legends after losing it momentarily... Paolo | 6. May 2024

3 out of the top 5 most-watched tournaments for April came from League of Legends after losing it momentarily to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang the month prior.

New data from global esports statistics provider Esports Charts show that the LCK Spring 2024 April 16 match between Gen.G and T1 saw 2.65 million peak views – the only million-mark viewership in this chart.


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“Enough and more has been written about this record-breaking tournament from LoL’s most crucial and popular region, but the numbers bear repeating — the most popular iteration of the regional circuit ever; the discipline’s most-watched tournament ever outside the world championship; the most popular League of Legends game to take place outside the Worlds events. Just an astonishing achievement for a league that is perhaps the most important event outside of world championships across disciplines,” Esports Charts noted.

A far second is the G2 vs Fnatic match at the LEC Spring 2024 held last 14 April, which garnered close to 594,000 peak viewers.

“In fact, compared to the corresponding event from 2023, this year showed growth in viewership, showing steady growth over the first four months. Most crucially, its peak and average viewerships saw increases in 2024, with the watch time barely changing thanks to a negligible fall,” Esports Charts noted in its report.

At fifth place, and rounding out the three League entries on this list is the CBLOL Split 1 2024 match between Loud and PNG, which garnered over 459,000 peak viewers.

“Having ceded its crown to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in March, League of Legends returned with a vengeance to top the charts in the first month of the year’s second quarter. The success of its regional circuits, many of which are seeing viewership improvements every year, played a significant part in this return to the summit,” Esports Charts said.

Meanwhile, there were only one entries each for FPS and Battle Royale – the Round 15 match of the 2024 PUBG Mobile Global Open garnered 513,000+ peak viewers, while the Sentinels vs Leviatan match of VCT 2024: Americas League Stage 1 garnered over 493,000 peak viewers.

For PUBG Mobile, Esports Charts noted that it broke through the list because of Japanese team Vampire Esports’ win. “It was also when REJECT more or less sealed its tournament victory to create history as Japan’s first side to get its hands on an international trophy in the title’s lengthy esports history. In its maiden outing, it ended among the discipline’s most popular events over the past two seasons,” Esports Charts noted.

PUBG Mobile, Esports Charts noted, had one of its most dominant markets: Asia, to thank for its rise to becoming one of April’s most popular disciplines.

Commenting on the success of the VCT 2024: Americas League, Esports Charts added, “This was a clash between powerhouses from North and South America, and such occasions always pull in an extra number of viewers as it signifies a battle for regional bragging rights,” showing how these two teams can pull viewership for the esport title.

The data does not consider the statistics of Chinese live-streaming platforms due to the unreliability of the public metrics provided.

More information on these esports stats can be found on the Esports Charts website at escharts.com.